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  • Future Travellers

    Future Travellers is designed for leaders who want to realign their church for mission in the contemporary realities of their local and wider community. It helps people to rethink the way we are doing church so that we are effectively and intentionally shaping disciples who want to share life and faith with their friends and neighbours. This journey will provide a rich exploration into the paradigm of the church as an apostolic, disciple-making movement and will ground this in personal/small group coaching from key leaders. The outcome will be a customized plan for implementation for each church involved, equipping leaders with the strategy and practical resources needed to launch a movement and navigate change. This won’t be a one-size-fits all, fill-in-the-blank experience, but a 360 learning community led by practitioners and peers.

    The process was devised by Forge US and has been used very effectively in the US and we are privileged to have one of the US core team - Kim Hammond, now of CityLife - to be our key facilitator.

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