Global Mission

In 2013 the Mission Catalyst Team welcomed the State Directors/ Representatives of Global Interaction and Baptist World Aid Australia (BWAA) as members of the team.

Our BUV Team partnering with Global Interaction and Baptist World Aid is a tangible reminder that Mission is about ensuring that the gospel changes lives in “Jerusalem (locally), Judea (regionally) and to the end of the earth (our global commitment) “ Acts 1.8. Everything we do in today’s society has implications for our wider community and good mission needs to be good news for everyone in God’s world. There is little to celebrate in planting new churches that use products or resources that exploit or worsen the situation of people in another part of the planet. We are responsible before God for being global citizens and continuously mindful of our holistic responsibilities.

We are grateful that the Mission Catalyst Team now expresses something of the breadth of our calling.

Global Interaction

Rev Ryan Smith, State Director VIC / TAS
P: 9880 6161

Baptist World Aid Australia

Mark Purser
P: 0417 146 855