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  • Grow Give Go

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    Baptists are a movement of people on mission to advance the Kingdom of God.

    As Victoriain Baptists we have a long history looking ahead and investing in communities for the future.

    In the 1950s the BUV established the ‘Legion of Donors’ to help provide financial assistance to church planting around the state. These efforts were closely linked to the Home Missions Department, and some of our churches now celebrating 60 or 70 year anniversaries were supported through this scheme – including Syndal, Heathmont and Blackburn Baptist Churches.

    In the 1990’s ‘Kick Start’ saw a new generation of supporters of future mission engaged in helping establish new communities.

    The idea, historically and today, is that a large number of Baptists making a contribution together, can make a big difference.

    In 2017 we launch our first Grow-Give-Go campaign seeking together to expand Baptist mission into new places

    We are endeavouring to grow our vision beyond each local church to look outward to growth corridors and emerging population areas

    This expanded vision for Baptist mission will require us all to contribute – to Give

    It will also require us to identify, equip and release church and community builders to GO. Those who will go out into new places, to harvest new fields – our modern day Baptist missioners.

    We have 7 key strategic areas for mission identified.

    Armstrong Creek; Wyndam Vale; Woodlea; Donnybrook/Kalkallo; Epping North
    are all greenfield sites in Victorias growth corridors

    Fishermans Bend is a Brownfield site – where inner urban development
    will see massive new infrastructure and population growth close to the Melbourne CBD.

    The R.I People of South East Asia are also one of Global Interactions ‘least reached people groups’
    and we will be looking to grow-give-go in this mission field too.

    In 2017 our key area for focus is the Woodlea development which will become the new suburb between Caroline Springs and Melton in the outer west of Melbourne.

    Our BUV has secured 2 plots of land, strategically located in the heart of this new development, with a view to planting place makers in this developing community.

    Our intent is to build 2 houses and identify two couples who will be place-makers in this new community to make sure it is a vibrant and healthy one as this new area is developed.

    We also have interest from the Woodlea developers for our BUV to help create a community farming, childcare, and sporting ventures in order to foster strong community.

    On Sunday 26th March 2017 Victorian Baptists will have the opportunity to come together to GIVE

    To realise this vision for Growth we need:

    Prayer People Places

    We also need funding to realise our goals for Growth

    Kick starting our Woodlea project and providing the platform for our other strategic target areas will need Victorian Baptists to contribute $1million to sow into the first 3 years of this new strategy for growth

    How will you and your Church join with others in our union of churches in Victoria to enable us together to GROW-GIVE-GO in 2017 and beyond?

    You can invest in advancing the Kingdom of God in Victoria with our BUV and GROW-GIVE-GO here

    GROW-GIVE-GO Churches Toolkit
    Download Resources for your church to get involved in GROW-GIVE-GO

    GROW-GIVE-GO Video – provides an overview you can play in your service

    PowerPoint Presentation for use in your church (use as few or as many slides as you need)
    GROW GIVE GO PowerPoint

    GROW-GIVE-GO Sowing Sunday flyer – 3 per A4 page (this is what you will need to download, print and cut up to include in your weekly newsletter during March, and especially on GROW-GIVE-GO Sowing Sunday 26th March)
    Sowing Sunday Flyer

    Full Colour Brochure (for churches who want to print and distribute the full GROW-GIVE-GO brochure, this is the artwork file)
    Full Colour - Printable Brochure

    Request a BUV Speaker during March to share in your service what our GROW-GIVE-GO strategy for the future is all about.
    Book a Speaker

    Donate to GROW-GIVE-GO Here

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