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  • Intentional Interim Ministries

    The Intentional Interim Ministries recognises the need in churches to have some pastoral input in a time where a permanent senior pastor is not available. These specifically trained interim pastors will enable churches to develop healthy practices and a renewed sense of mission before calling a new permanent senior pastor.

    To find out more about the Intentional Interim Pastors, contact the Church Health & Capacity Building team:

    Phone: (03) 9880 6170

    Intentional Interim Closure Report

    Intentional Interim ministries (IIMs) assist churches to make the transition from one chapter of Pastoral Leadership to the next. This report provides an opportunity for the Intentional Interim Pastor to reflect on his or her period of service with a church. It will help churches, incoming Pastors and BUV Office staff.

    2015: Intentional Interim Closure Report (167.65 kB)

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