Long Service Leave (LSL)

Long service leave is a longstanding entitlement for Australian employees. It is available to an employee as a reward for service to their employer. The Victorian Long Service Leave Act 2018 sets out arrangements for long service leave in Victoria. Victorian Baptist Churches must provide long service leave benefits to their employees in accordance with the Victorian Long Service Leave Act.

The BUV Long Service leave Savings Scheme is a mechanism to assist Victorian Baptist Churches in meeting the financial obligations of Long Service Leave for Pastors and to provide opportunity for Pastors to accumulate continued service across more than one Church.

For more details, download the information below or contact our office on 03 9880 6177.

Long Service Leave

Long Service Act 2018 (639.8 kB)
Long Service Leave Bill 2017 (291.9 kB)
LSL Guide (304.8 kB)
BUV LSL Savings Scheme Rules (481.7 kB)
LSL Record Template (21.3 kB)
LSL Payout Tax Calculation (13.1 kB)
Request for BUV LSL Scheme Payment (8.2 kB)

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