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  • Mission Research

    Mission Catalyst Research Projects supports BUV’s aim to realign our churches for mission and communicate the centrality of Baptists burning with a conviction to advance the Kingdom of God. The research is the focus of our researcher Darren Cronshaw, but the projects have implications and invite input from all interested leaders and Baptists in Victoria.Click on the headings to expand each section and read more.

    • Current Research Priorities

      The current focus of Darren’s work is to identify in research, writing and training the challenges, opportunities and resources to help BUV church leaders and BUV staff to advance the Kingdom of God. Darren is open and eager to hear about other research needs, collaborative suggestions, or hear what others are researching and thinking about. But the current threefold focus of research is:

      1. Pioneering Leadership

      How can we best form leaders who are equipped for transforming our congregations, planting new churches and starting social enterprises and community development projects?

      2. Culturally-Diverse Ministry

      In a culturally diverse society, and in BUV where a lot of our growth is coming from our churches who worship in Languages other than English, how can we enhance one another’s ministries and churches, learn from one another, and help culturally-diverse churches connect with younger generations?

      3. Engaging Younger Generations

      When teenagers and young adults are leaving the church in concerningly larger numbers, and when we desperately need a fresh injection of younger leaders in our churches, how can we better connect with and mobilise and train and learn from younger generations?

    • Opportunities For Your Research and Writing

      Mission Catalyst Research is the focus of our Mission Catalyst Researcher Darren Cronshaw who works closely with other BUV staff and interested church leaders. However, thoughtful research and writing is not just for research “professionals”. Darren welcomes and encourages conversation and collaboration with other practitioners interested in research, writing and reflection on issues of mission in Victoria and beyond.

      Coaching your research and writing

      If you have an idea to research and write about, Darren would love to talk to you about it. This is a priority area for Darren – to collaborate, coach, cheer on, encourage and learn from others who are thinking about, researching, writing, preaching on these issues. For some ideas or questions that Darren uses to coach people in writing, see the recent workshop ’Writing for Radical Discipleship and Urban Mission’.

      Research supervision

      If you are interested in formal research towards a degree, Darren is open to talk about options and pathways. We are also interested in helping you focus your research in directions that will best help your church and the broader tribe of Baptist churches.To equip others for practically-focused and relevant research, Darren is available to supervise a limited number of postgraduate research students each year.

      Publishing your research, reflection and reviews

      If you are looking for a journal or magazine to publish your reflections or research in, be encouraged to go for it. We need more practitioners who can reflect on and share their wisdom.We love to see more reflections and reviews in the B.O.M Blog. A new journal focused on urban mission well worth checking out is The New Urban World Journal.Some of the academic journals whose editorial committees Darren is associated with and where he would love to help Baptist leaders publish their articles, ministry reflections or reviews are:

    • Research-based resources

      Why is understanding Generations XYZ important for our churches, and what does this mean?

      What can we learn from mark McCrindle’s extensive research into different generations and their approach to life, faith, parenting, finances, employment, education, learning styles, cultural diversity, morality and marketing?

      For an overview of these important issues and discussion of the implications for faith and church life, listen in to this conversation with BUV’s Kylie Butler, Liah Coombs, Darren Cronshaw and Meewon Yang. Highly recommended listening for youth and young adults leaders, or any church leaders wanting to better connect with the next generations.

      ABC of XYZ 4 BUV and CALD churches (1.6 MB)

      Kim - A faith Of Our Own (257.66 kB)

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