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  • New Churches

    The aim of the BUV’s Mission Catalyst Team is to realign our churches for mission, and develop and communicate a vision for Christ-centred, Kingdom-oriented mission. There is a great need within our state for us to become more focussed on the people around our churches, and for us to begin to focus on how we can reach them more effectively. Our intention is to help churches to follow the call of Christ to go out into the world and make disciples, and in doing so increase the Kingdom of God.

    • Where are Churches Needed?

      With Melbourne and Victoria growing in population every day, our dream is that new churches will emerge in a variety of shapes and sizes, that their forms and functions will be influenced by biblical values and the needs of the community, and that they will be led by ordinary people who have faith in an extraordinary God and seek first His Kingdom. We need churches to be planted right across our State, but we have prioritised certain areas and communities, especially greenfield sites and Melbourne growth corridors that will soon see large population increases. Our second layer of priorities centres around churches that want to plant churches "Better Together", low socio economic areas, in lightly churches areas, and among sub cultures and non English speaking people. Please contact David Chatelier, our Mission Catalyst - New Churches if you are interested in further details.
      Additionally, you don’t need ordination or a theological degree to be involved in church planting. David Chatelier loves to walk beside people and help assess suitability and pathways to church planting.

      David Chatelier
      M: 0413 222 556
      P: 9880 6122

      Situations Vacant Map

      Letter to pastors re growth corridors & Innovate

    • Support for New Churches
      Support for New Churches

      The BUV Mission Catalyst - New Churches seeks to serve church planters and their teams in a variety of ways and is usually the first point of contact for people seeking support with new churches.

      Sending Churches:

      Ideally, new churches are linked to a Sending Church. We believe that Churches Planting Churches is a theologically valid model, resulting in better health and mission for both the Sending Church and the New Church. Whether individual churches or a cluster of churches, we provide support and advice for Sending Churches seeking to partner New Churches.

      Church Planter Assessments:

      We assess the strengths and limitations of a church planter and provide guidance and support about how to increase effectiveness.

      Church Planting Teams and Steering Groups:

      We provide advice about best practice and contextual models for building effective teams to provide healthy foundations and enhance mission.

      Mission Grants:

      Seeding funds, primarily in the form of pastoral stipend subsidies are available for some new churches for up to two years. This short term financial assistance is designed to assist churches become self-sustaining. Grants are administered and assessed by the Mission Grants Panel. For details contact the Mission Catalyst - New Church or download the forms from the Mission Grants page.

      Training and Events:

      In addition to general BUV events, specific training and development opportunities are provided for church planters and their teams. A condition of receiving a Mission Grant is that a church planter must attend at least two New Church training events per year. BUV Event Registration

      Administration, Finance, Insurance, and Safe Churches:

      Compliance in these matters is an important part of being a safe, ethical, and healthy church. Support and resources can be accessed from our Finance & Administration Team

      Pastoral Clusters:

      The BUV is a family within the wider family of God and we believe that we are "Better Together". We are healthier and more effective when we relate meaningfully to other Baptist Pastors and Churches. Church Planters are encouraged to be part of a Pastor Cluster in their area. For more information, contact one of the Regional Pastors.

    • New Churches & Evangelism Resources

      “What a huge harvest! And how few the harvest hands. So on your knees; ask the God of the Harvest to send harvest hands. Luke 10.2 (The Message)

      This is the situation in contemporary Victoria. Our population continues to grow, but we are not keeping pace with it in terms of sharing faith. Our cities and regional centres are expanding but many of our growth corridors are devoid of churches. We need to be catching a vision of God’s heart for the unreached and then equipping and releasing our people to go into the under-churched areas of the state and to begin the transforming work of the Spirit.

      Below are some resources that might help begin this process.

      Ask Anything, an evangelistic resource produced by Dale Stephenson, Crossway Baptist Church

      Hear how one person responded to hearing Dennis Pethers challenge us about not simply serving the community but also sharing our faith
      Organic Evangelism - Dennis Pethers

      Towards Belief is a contemporary resource that is perfectly suited for a variety of uses within a church context.

      Alpha, an evangelistic resource that continues to effectively build bridges

      Alpha has a Facebook page ( specifically for Alpha leaders to share ideas and support each other. You are encouraged to join them and post your own suggestions or questions so we can build a community exchange where we can learn and help each other. You would be a great asset with your experience.

      Planting churches that multiply – 6 biblical steps

      Peter Roennfeldt has engaged with Baptists in Victoria on several occasions. This article is a great concise outline of how to start simple churches or groups within larger church plants.

      The Exponential series of free ebooks is a treasure trove of resources for evangelists and church planters, this series specifically in the areas of discipleship and evangelism.

      Understanding your community: These two highly accessible websites are excellent sources of demographic information:

      New Documents available for Download:

      Characteristics of Church Planters (18.92 kB)

      Shaping Church for Others (20.55 kB)

      From Vanilla Church to Smorgasbord (132.59 kB)

      Where in Victoria do we Need Churches (125.91 kB)

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