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  • Ordination

    In common with most other Christian churches, Baptists traditionally set apart certain men and women to serve as pastors to our people. We see Ordination is an action of God, together with the whole church. This action affirms the gifts God has given these people and recognises them as a gift of God to the church, and spiritual leaders in church and society.

    In the Baptist Union of Victoria, such a calling is seen as a sacred trust, privilege and responsibility, and great effort is made to ensure that the pastor, local church community and the wider body of the BUV are all involved in discerning a person’s call, formation and readiness for Ordination. The BUV, Whitley College and the local church are all key partners in training and formation of Ordination candidates and ongoing professional development of Ordained Baptist Pastors.

    For more information regarding the BUV’s Ordination Pathways click here and for an Information Overview, click here. We also recommend you attend the Ordination Enquirers Evening.

    If you would like to arrange a meeting with Gayle Hill, Director of Ordination, please contact Lisa Isaacs on 9880 6150 or email


    An Ordination Enquirers Evening is held each year in September for anyone wishing to explore their call to Ordained Baptist Ministry. It is an opportunity for you to attend with your spouse/partner and Senior Pastor (or equivalent) to learn and discuss this potential pathway in ministry. The evening offers a greater understanding of the Ordination process as well as the pre-requisites required. Members of the Ordination Discernment Group (ODG), the Ordination Pathways Group (OPG), BUV Leadership and Faculty members from Whitley College will be available to answer any questions.

    • Ordination Vows

      Each ordinand is asked to make the following declaration

      Recalling your baptism, we ask you to affirm again your faith in one God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and your commitment to following Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord.

      Recognising your call, we ask you to affirm your trust in God’s promises:

      that through the ministry of preaching, God’s word will accomplish its task among us;
      that in the celebration of the sacraments, God will be present to nourish us for eternal life;
      and that through the ministry of pastoral care, God will build us up to the full stature of Christ.

      Each ordinand is asked to make the following commitment

      Will you now take your ordained place among the people of God, as an agent and sign of the good news of Jesus Christ, serving them and not lording it over them, leading them in humility, compassion and patience?

      Will you faithfully proclaim the living Word of God, the faith received from the apostles and handed down to us in the Holy Scriptures?

      Will you faithfully lead God’s people in celebrating the presence of their Living Lord as they gather around Word and Water, Wine and Bread?

      Will you faithfully care for God’s people, welcoming the stranger and binding up the broken-hearted, loving them, as does the Good Shepherd, to whom they belong?

      Will you honour the integrity of the body of Christ, taking your place in all humility alongside your co-workers from every church that proclaims the Lordship of Jesus?

      The congregation, as representatives of the body of Baptists in Victoria, confirms

      That Christ would have us proceed to ordain them
      that we will continually pray for them
      that we will uphold and encourage them in their ministry

      The Ordination Service concludes with the whole congregation declaring:

      As the body of Christ, we declare you to be ordained to the ministry of Word, Sacrament, and Pastoral Care. We welcome you as ambassadors for Christ. May the Word of Christ dwell in you richly. We welcome you into our churches and we call upon you to live out your ordination vows among us.

    • Previous Ordination Services


      In 2016 we ordained 11 people called and equipped to ordained ministry in our churches. Brett Mitchell, Chris Rowney, and Tluang Mang Hlawn Ceu were ordained in March 2016, followed by Enes Bowen, Cathy Cudlipp, Marcus Curnow, Paul Huglin, Richard Li, Maranda Ng, Paul Joy, and Emily Simpson in October 2016.

      Meet our Ordinands in this 25 min video profile of our 11, 2016 Ordinands.

      Ordination service recorded on Sunday 6 March, 2016. 2pm at Essendon Baptist Church


      On 17 October 2015, we ordained 14 new candidates into the ministry of Word, Sacrement and Pastoral Care.

      In the first service for the day, we ordained Katrina Lambert, Petone Toelieu, Julie Hunt, David Van der Putten, Mang Hre Sangkim, Chan Thang, and Pancia Thuale.
      In the second service for the day, we ordained Mason Taylor, Matt Thorp, Noddy Sharma, Ilse McDonald, Moo Hei, Angie Mok, and Tri Nguyen.

      Videos of the two services are available to watch below

      Our 2014 Ordinands

      Simon Beasy, Luke Bowen, Derek Bradshaw, Gail Moe Dwai, Richard Horton, Jono Ingram, Lucy Johnson, Dave Lovell, Laivet Mami, Peter Neilson, Van Dawt Thawng.

      Our 2013 Ordinands

      Janet Costello, Angela Garton, Gayle Hill, ChanSoo Kim, Ricky Law, David Talathoti, Jun Tan

      Our 2012 Ordinands

      Phil Assender, Debbie Campbell, Adam Hince, Nathan Steer

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