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  • Professional Standards Training

    The Baptist Union of Victoria desires that all its churches – and its pastors – live in ways that are consistent with the loving, healing and reconciling work of God. Therefore we ask all our pastoral leaders to know and practise the BUV Code of Ethics for Pastoral Leaders.

    Living and leading ethically in church and society with their complex of relationships and expectations is not always simple. In order to support our pastoral leaders, we offer a variety of Professional Standards Workshops whereby we can learn together and support one another in ethical pastoral practice.

    In order to maintain BUV accreditation, pastoral leaders in the BUV need to complete at least 1 Professional Standards Workshop each year. This is a minimum requirement; as a commitment to healthy and ethical practice, pastoral leaders may choose to participate in two or more each year.

    There are two broad levels of Professional Standards Workshops in the BUV: foundational workshops and further (experienced) workshops. These are augmented by some specialised workshops that address specific issues. All of these are outlined as follows:

    Foundational Professional Standards Workshops

    As the title suggests, we highly recommend that all pastoral leaders in the BUV ensure they complete all of these workshops at least once in their ministry.

    Staying Healthy in Ministry

    Date: Thursday, 14th September, 2017
    Venue: TBC
    Guest presenter: TBC

    This workshop is ideal for new pastoral leaders in the BUV. Run in partnership with the Churches of Christ and Christian Community Churches, it provides a superb introduction to understanding the unique dynamics of power and authority in the role of the pastor, the exercise of healthy boundaries, familiarisation with the Code of Ethics and healthy pastoral employment practices.

    Registration for this event will be available in April.

    Safe Church Awareness Workshop

    This workshop is run by the National Council of Churches in Australia and provides a powerful overview of practices that enable churches to be safe places for people of all ages. Participation in a Safe Church Awareness Workshop is encouraged for all church and ministry leaders; they are crucial for pastoral leaders.

    For those who have already attended a Safe Church Awareness Workshop, a half-day refresher course is also available. For further information use the link below.

    Click here to see the various dates and locations of Safe Church Awareness Workshops around the state.

    Online’ Professional Standards Workshops (Foundational & Experienced) coming soon!


    We are in the process of developing some Foundational Professional Standards Workshops for online delivery during 2017. They are:

    • Self-care for Pastors
    • Power and boundaries
    • Sexual Misconduct


    During the first half of 2017, the following Professional Standards Workshops for experienced pastors will become available in an online format:

    • Pastors and Mental Health (Rod Smith)
    • Ethical Wisdom for Ordinary Pastoral Dilemmas (David Devine)
    • Pastors and Addictive Behaviours (Zoe Broomhead)

    The BUV Bulletin will provide details of the workshops as they become available online.

    ‘Experienced’ Professional Standards Workshops

    These vary from year to year depending on contemporary needs and issues. They are designed for experienced pastoral leaders for whom an interactive workshop based on practical case studies can provide some guidance in dealing with specific issues. They will be run at the following events:

    • May Nourish - 26th May 2017
    • Whitley College School of Ministry - 2-5th July 2017
    • October Nourish - 21st October 2017
    • Details of the PSW topics for these events will be available in March.

    Further Professional Standards Workshops available to specific groups of pastors

    White Ribbon Training - Online at any time

    With the growing recognition of the prevalence of domestic violence in Victorian society, and indications that the church is in no way immune, we are encouraging all BUV pastors to become aware of how to build a culture within the church where people of both genders are unconditionally safe and respected.

    To register -

    Locate your own PSW

    At times pastors in the BUV may locate other courses, conferences and workshops they would like to complete as a recognised PSW. The Professional Standards Group determines if events can be recognised as PSWs. The key criterion here is that the course, conference or workshop must have some clear correspondence to some aspect of the BUV Code of Ethics for Pastoral Leaders.

    If you would like to apply for such recognition, contact Brenda Williams, BUV Professional Standards Worker on

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