Mangding from Malaysia

(BUV RAALS loans program)

Mangding arrived as a refugee from in Malaysia in 2009. He was married to a very beautiful wife, but was resettled to Australia alone leaving his wife behind in Malaysia.

Mangding did not have sufficient money to sponsor his wife to join him. His pastor told him about the BUV RAALS loans program. He was granted a RAALS loan within a month, and so was able to sponsor his wife to join him here.

He started repaying the loan at the rate of $100 a month and has now repaid it completely. In the meantime his wife arrived and they now have a lovely child.

“God helped me to be able sponsor my wife through the RAALS program” says Mangding. “This gave me peace of mind even though I was newly arrived, and gave me hope that I would be reunited with my wife soon.:

Now that Mangding’s wife has arrived in Australia, they have started a happy and peaceful new life as a family unit. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has sent a letter confirming they can apply for a Permanent Residence Visa.

This story of reunification and hope would never have happened within two years without the RAALS loan.

“Without this help, I would have needed to work for four to five years to save enough money to sponsor my wife. The loan solved many of the problems and difficulties I would otherwise have faced” shares a grateful and happy Mangding.