Phung from Myanmar

(BUV Car loan provided by RAALS)

Phung Hrang arrived in Australia two years ago from Myanmar via Malaysia. His wife and their two children remained in Myanmar.

Phung is studying English. His only income is a Centrelink payment.

Phung became chairman of the Evangelism and Mission Committee at Lautu-Chin Baptist Church, and has been actively involved in almost all church activities at weekends and on weekday evenings. Not having his own vehicle for two years was very difficult.

Although Phung very much appreciates the good public transport in Melbourne, it is not so convenient at weekends and late at night. He missed some of Sunday worship services and many social gatherings and events due to not having his own transport.

Phung’s wife Dawt and two children Ruby and Diamond arrived in Melbourne in 2015. Now, thanks to a car loan provided by RAALS, Hrang’s family enjoy driving the blue Holden car seen in the picture, and how this enables them to be part of the church and wider community here in Australia