Be SAFE is a free system BUV have developed to help churches manage their Essential Safety Measures (ESM) and Duty of Care Compliance. It also has a module called Housekeeping.

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Essential Safety Measures (ESM)

The requirements are based on the age of the building, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) regulations and any Certificate of Occupancy or Maintenance Determination that has been issued to the church. If your church is unsure, it should contact the local council or a Building Surveyor.


Duty of Care Compliance

Is based on your building being a safe place, regardless of whether your Church is the owner or not. It is about recognising and minimising risk, and primarily based on the Baptist Insurance Services (BIS) Risk Management Guide.



Housekeeping is an optional module provided to help churches look after their properties and keep a record of the upkeep.


People Protection

The People Protection module is for the screening, induction and management of Pastors, Employees and Senior Volunteers.


More information 

For buildings advice you should contact the VBA, your local council or a Building Surveyor. For Insurance or risk matters please contact BIS



If you have Be SAFE system questions, login and go to Help. There is written Help and a Chat Support. For all other queries please email


Annual Information

Annual ESM compliance is required by the VBA. The BUV Support Hub requests this be completed in Be SAFE before May each year