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  • Ignite


    IGNITE is an exciting event for youth and young adults from many cultures and BUV Churches across the state. IGNITE is an opportunity to deepen faith & connection with God, learn and worship together, and make connections with young people from other churches and cultures.
    IGNITE '15 and IGNITE '16 were great events with over 20 cultures represented and more than 400 youth, young adults and pastors attending. Some of the cultures we had represented were Chin, Karen, Samoan, Latin American,  Iranian, Sudanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, and other Australians. In 2016 we heard more about the next generation stories with great inspiring keynote speakers.


    Date: Friday 14th and Saturday 15th July 2017

    Time: 12pm - 9pm

    Venue: Syndal Baptist Church - 588 High Street Rd, Glen Waverley 

    Cost: $25 for one or two days 

    Come and celebrate the diversity of cultures and churches that make up of our Baptist Union of Victoria
    Why not bring the youth & young adults from your church – especially your current and emerging youth leaders? You may even be willing to provide leaders or facilitators for the small group time which is part of the 2 day program?

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