The Baptist Union of Victoria aims to empower its members with training, resources and advice that will help them to make their church a safe place for all people.

We do this in several ways:

  • Keeping churches informed of regulatory changes and providing explanatory resources where needed
  • Providing advice about how to put safe church policies and procedures into practice in the real world
  • Offering training for a variety of local church roles and levels of responsibility

Through the provision of this support, we endeavour to make all Baptist churches a safe place for all people.

Safe Church Training for 2021

We are excited to announce our new Safe Church training partnership with the Baptist Association of NSW & ACT. Creating Safe Spaces will replace the previous six-hour in-person Safe Church Awareness and Refresher Workshops (SCAW).

Creating Safe Spaces (CSS) will significantly improve the accessibility of our Safe Church training. CSS training requires participants to complete an individual online training module (in one’s own time) and then to attend a three-hour workshop. CSS workshops will be conducted via Zoom during COVID restrictions, and via Zoom or in person after restrictions are lifted. 

Creating an exceptional quality training programme, tailored specifically to our Victorian Baptist context takes time.  There are still a few final adjustments being made, so we will announce in the coming weeks when the BUV-specific online training module will become available. 

Any pastors, leaders or volunteers who urgently need to begin training (that is, in February), may complete the individual CSS online training component via the NSW Association’s website.  Please email Vicky Dyer to receive full instructions on how to do this.  All other leaders should wait to access the BUV specific training in the coming months. 

After completing the individual online module, you may then book in to do a live workshop (via Zoom) in Term 2.  All live workshops will be run by BUV.  We will advise you when bookings for these events can commence.  There will be a number of workshop times offered, covering a ranges of days and times, to improve accessibility. 

If you have any questions or would like any resources related to Safe Church matters please contact Vicky Dyer.  All leaders involved with Safe Church matters are welcome to join the “BUV Safe Church” Facebook group

Safe Church Training
Safe Church Resources