What is BUV Justice and Advocacy Week?

BUV Justice and Advocacy Week is an opportunity to focus and reflect on the heart of God for those who experience the challenges, inequalities, and often systemic barriers to fulfilling a flourishing life. God calls his people to care for the orphan, the poor, the stranger, and the dispossessed, and Jesus repeats this call when he prophetically fulfils the Isaiah 61 passage in Luke 4. The Sermon on the Mount also serves to remind us of God’s radical heart to act in ways that address inequality and injustice. Now, more than ever, is a time to join in with the Spirit as one body, to discern again the ways in which we all can participate in the healing of the world.

When is Justice and Advocacy Week?

Focus Week – 6-12th September 

If you are not able to participate with us in the week of 6th September, feel free to choose another week that fits with your church calendar.  All resources will be remain available on the BUV website to access post our focus week.

Who is Justice and Advocacy week for?

We invite all churches, communities of faith and individuals to participate in Justice and Advocacy week. 

How will the week work?

Resources are available for pastors, small group leaders and individuals by clicking on the Topic Tiles below. There are plenty of ways to get involved. 

  • FOCUS WEEK – You could choose to join with the BUV in a focus week. Encourage your church congregation members to connect to the BUV social media (FB, Inst) to receive daily videos or connect with the J&A website pages
  • The BUV comms schedule will run as follows through website, email, and social media platforms

Monday 6th Sept – Intro video on Justice and Advocacy

Tuesday 7th Sept – First Nations

Wednesday 8th Sept – Asylum Seekers & Refugees

Thursday 9th Sept – Global Poverty

Friday 10th Sept – Domestic and Family Violence

Saturday 11th Sept – Homelessness

Sunday 12th Sept – Closing Encouragement from Rev Daniel Bullock

  • PLAN A SERMON SERIES – You could choose to do a sermon series on Justice and focus on 1 issue each week using our videos on each topic as a sermon introduction
  • SMALL GROUPS – You could encourage your small groups to use the small group guide to think further about the posture for and spiritual practices required to be a church involved in advocacy and justice issues
  • DEVOTIONS– You could send the daily devotion series to all church members as a way to engage with the spotlighted issues


We’d love you to let us know if you participate in Justice and Advocacy Week  – click here to let us know you have participated and / or to provide feedback


Click on the tiles below for more information and resources on the topics

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