Mission Catalyst

Our Core team: Several of the team are ordained Pastors, and all are competent preachers and experienced church leaders. The team also comprises the State Director of Global Interaction and the State rep for Baptist World Aid, so we can also bring a global dimension to the church’s understanding of mission.

  • We can lead or resource Retreats and Day Conferences.
  • We can offer consultancy on specific projects or ideas in our specialist areas of starting New Churches; Placemaking and Community Ministry, Advocacy, Church Revitalisation, and Missional Leadership.
  • We can provide training for Leadership teams
  • We can preach in church services, but to make the most of these opportunities we would also like to lead a short session after a church service on an aspect of Mission tailored to the church’s needs.
Some of our current emphases include:
  • Thinking and acting missionally
  • Engaging with your local community ( & how to audit your neighbourhood)
  • Understanding placemaking as the call of the local church or faith community
  • Starting new churches – why and how? – painting a vision of the need and offering many models and possibilities
  • Revitalisation models – how do we turn a church around or replant it?
  • Public engagement/advocacy/ Reconciliation Action Plans (with indigenous people) for churches
  • Missional spirituality and making disciples

2. A Theology of Mission as spiritual, inclusive and transformative – this can be developed to help foster missional understanding within the leadership or congregation as a workshop or as a sermon

3. Better Together for Mission: Encouraging and facilitating churches to work together to achieve mission — we have run leaders meetings, clusters, and networks of churches

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