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  • BUV Advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    On this page, you can find information and guidance from the BUV regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). As the situation is rapidly changing, please visit this page for the latest information and advice that can help prepare your church and your community in this pandemic.

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  • October 2020 Members Meeting – It’s a Wrap!

      It’s a wrap! Thank you to all our pastors, leaders and delegates who were able to join us for our very first online Members’ Meeting last Friday evening. A special thanks to NewHope Baptist Church for hosting our event and providing technical support. For those who were unable to attend, you can watch the […]

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  • Meet our 2020 Ordinands

      Robyn Song – Bentleigh & Korean Baptist Church   Christine Wanstall – BUV   Kathryn Jensen – Mill Park Baptist Church

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  • Flourishing Spirituality Devotion Part 3: Prayer and Fasting

      PART 3: PRAYER AND FASTING by Peter Botross     At the core of our Flourishing Church Framework is the word spirituality. Christian spirituality refers to rhythms, such as prayer and fasting, that cultivate intimacy with the Almighty. Intimacy with the Lord precedes effective ministry for the Lord. On His Sermon on the Mount […]

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  • Flourishing Spirituality Devotion Part 2: Spiritual Rhythms – Praise and Worship

      Part 2: Spiritual Rhythms – Praise and Worship by Lyn Williams and Andrew Naylor     Lyn: Praise and worship as a spiritual rhythm has a vital place in our lives as followers of Christ, individually as well as corporately, that is, in the regular gatherings of our church and faith communities. The word […]

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  • Leading Teams Through Tough Times

    Since COVID-19 and measures to contain it began to impact on Victorians, I have often started conversations and meetings with church leaders by asking how they and their churches are coping in this challenging time. This has become an increasingly pertinent question as lockdown restrictions have continued, particularly within Metropolitan Melbourne. Some people respond with […]

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  • COVID-19 Church Resources

    In these unprecedented times, our BUV support hub is reaching out to let you know that we’re here for you. As the body of Christ, we now have an opportunity to serve, more than ever, by providing care, love and hope to others in our community.

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  • Advocating for the opening of Places of Worship

    Some pastors and leaders have been asking why churches and places of worship are not able to be open and are seemingly being left until the last stage, when other venues may be able to be open sooner.  There are a number of things happening in the advocacy space, some of which you have the opportunity to join if you wish to.

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  • Flourishing Spirituality Devotion Part 1

    The vision of the BUV Support Hub is to be a Union of flourishing churches with Christlike followers that redeems society. At last year’s October Members’ Dinner, I outlined the Flourishing Church Framework that our BUV Support Hub staff had developed which was to be a major focus during 2020, in our effort to support churches to flourish. The framework looks at 3 focus areas of church life – congregational life, congregational character and congregational mission. Within each focus area we have identified 4 aspects that may contribute to a flourishing church: 12 in total.

    Importantly, I hope you have noticed that at the core of our Flourishing Church Framework is the word spirituality. Our spirituality is intrinsically linked to our thriving as human beings and as communities of faith, a flourishing that is deeper than merely being successful.

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  • The Marriage Course Online

    Want to enjoy 7 Date Nights as a couple and in the process invest significantly in your relationship?

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