Pastoral Movements

To assist Pastors wishing to keep in touch with their colleagues, the BUV provides a monthly update on pastoral movements. The list will not be comprehensive as we can only report on the pastoral movements confirmed to us.

Pastoral movements as at September 2021:

Ash Buchanan will conclude as Pastor at Granite Baptist Church at the end of the year to take up a role with SIM in Africa.

Adam Mihail has concluded as Associate Pastor at Follow Baptist Church.

Darrell McKerlie will conclude as Pastor at Wandin in November.

Dave Harrison has been appointed as Senior Pastor at Waverley and will commence in September.

Deborah Storie has been appointed as Pastor at East Doncaster commencing 12 September.

Geoff Leslie is retiring and concluding at Seymour & Alexandra Baptist Churches on 19 September.

Glynis Dickins has had her role as Interim Pastor at Northcote extended until the end of the year.

Jeff Pugh has commenced as Interim Pastor at Kew.

Keith Glasgow has been appointed Interim Pastor at Packenham.

Lyn Hunter will retire and conclude as Seniors & Care Pastor at Syndal in September.

Patrick Houghton has been appointed at Boort Baptist Church and will commence as Senior Pastor in the New Year.

Scott Pilgrim has concluded as Executive Pastor at Crossway.

Tony Burgum will retire and conclude as Pastor at Ferntree Gully in November.