Professional Pastoral Supervision (PPS)

People enter into ministry in response to a gracious call from God and the Church. It is this call that requires Pastoral Leaders to carry out their responsibilities in a faithful, professional and accountable manner. As Scripture says: “See to it that you fulfil the ministry that you have received from the Lord” (Col 4:17). Pastoral Leaders have been given a significant role within the life of the church. They are called upon to exercise leadership in its worship, preaching, mission, pastoral care and training; they also serve as Christ’s representatives in the world (Matt 28:18-20). As Pastoral Leaders live out their call to ministry in positions of power and influence, they will seek to express the love and character of Christ in all their relationships. The call to serve as an example of Christian faith and living is an essential part of the Pastoral vocation (1 Peter 5:3, 1 Timothy 4:12-16).


The BUV are committed to all our Pastors concentrating on doing good work that is their best and for which they do not need to be ashamed (2 Tim 2:15). We want pastors who are well thought of and have a good reputation for healthy ministry (1 Tim 3:2,13).  PPS is an extension of this and in conjunction with our current accreditation programme we believe that this will enable the BUV to support and produce healthy, vibrant, and productive pastors.

We are also compelled to act in response to the 2017 Royal Commission report, detailing the culmination of a five year enquiry into institutional responses to child sexual abuse and related matters.

The report contained one particular recommendation that relates to all religious institutions in Australia and to pastoral leaders in particular. This recommendation is therefore one we cannot ignore. The recommendation is as follows…

Recommendation 16.45

Consistent with Child Safe Standard 5, each religious institution should ensure that all people in religious or pastoral ministry, including religious leaders, have professional supervision with a trained professional or pastoral supervisor who has a degree of independence from the institution within which the person is in ministry.

Note Child Safe Standard 5 reads… “People working with children are suitable and supported.”

The recommendation calls for the Baptist Union of Victoria to ensure that all people in religious or pastoral ministry, including religious leaders, have professional supervision.

  • a regular, planned intentional and boundaried space in which a practitioner skilled in supervision (the supervisor) meets with one or more other practitioners (the supervisees) to look together at the supervisees’ practice
  • a relationship characterised by trust, confidentiality, support and openness that gives the supervisee freedom and safety to explore the issues arising in their work
  • spiritually/theologically rich – works within a framework of spiritual/theological understanding in dialogue with the supervisee’s world view and work
  • psychologically informed – draws on relevant psychological theory and insight to illuminate intra-personal and inter-personal dynamics
  • contextually sensitive – pays attention to the particularities of settings, culture and world view
  • praxis-based – focused on a report of work and / or issues that arise in and from the supervisee’s pastoral practice
  • a way of growing in vocational identity, pastoral competence, self-awareness, spiritual/theological reflection, pastoral interpretation, quality of presence, accountability, response to challenge, mutual learning
  • attentive to issues of fitness to practice, skill development, management of boundaries, professional identity and the impact of the work upon all concerned parties

Note the above definition is taken from the Association of Pastoral Supervision and Educator in the UK

To be a “professional” assumes that the supervisor has completed a level of training and is themselves being supervised in a way that provides accountability for their supervision. Being “professional” assumes that the practitioner is earning their income through their experience in this area and they are able to give their supervisee evidence of the supervision.

The recommendation calls for the Baptist Union of Victoria to ensure that all people in religious or pastoral ministry, including religious leaders, have professional supervision.

Pastoral Leaders for whom Professional Pastoral Supervision is required includes:

  • Ordained and Accredited Pastoral Leaders of the BUV
  • Pastoral/Missional Leaders (non-ordained but accredited)
  • Candidates in Training
  • Anyone who is registered as a BUV Marriage Celebrant

A pastor should meet with their supervisor regularly, with a minimum of three meetings per year and a recommended maximum of ten.

A professional pastoral supervisor must not supervise those that they have direct oversight of. This ensures the supervisor is able to offer independent supervision.

The professional pastoral supervisor must not be the pastor of a supervisee or report to the supervisee. This would compromise the supervisor’s independence.

There is a degree of independence when a PPS is in another Victorian Baptist Church and is fulfilling the professional requirements supervision.

Supervisors who have applied to the BUV and been accepted as BUV PPS will appear on the BUV Recommended Supervisor’s List. All those on this list have fulfilled the requirements for supervision of BUV Pastors. If you choose to go to a supervisor who is not on the BUV Recommended Supervisor’s it is your responsibility to ensure that your supervisor has a Grad Cert in Supervision or equivalent, is being supervised, and is a member of a recognised supervision association. You must keep records of the dates and receipts from your supervisor as evidence of your PPS.   

The fees are negotiable but should range between $120-150 per session depending on the level of experience and accreditation of the supervisor (recommendation by BUV will be reviewed annually). This amount is determined by the supervisor and the supervisee.

The BUV recommends that the cost of pastoral supervision is provided for in the church budget under pastoral support which can be accessed only for pastoral supervision.  

Supervisors who are recognised by the BUV are placed on the Recognised BUV Supervisor’s list and are available to supervise Baptist Pastors. If you would like to apply to be on this list please complete the application here.

BUV approved Supervisors are listed below:

Danny Krivan; 0408589878.

Danny is a qualified Professional Supervisor (AAOS), passionate about working with individuals, and small groups to help them find, make, and take up roles within their work and organisational settings.  An ordained minister, Danny holds over 25 years of pastoral experience, is an experienced chaplain and celebrant, and brings his background as a musician to supervision by encouraging supervisees to draw on their own creative expressions to facilitate enquiry at their own pace. Danny has experience working with small group development, grief, loss & life transitions, leading & managing change, intercultural pathways, and fostering innovation in leaders.  Danny is a Consultant Practitioner with the University of Divinity Graduate Supervision Program and runs the Creative Awareness Nexus where he continues to gain experience in the online supervision space with both groups and individuals. Located in Geelong (VIC), Danny offers individual & group supervision, in person & online.

Cathy Elkington; 0435986621

Cathy Elkington is a child of God! She has a heart for drawing alongside people so that they may grow in their connection with God, their understanding of themselves, and how they live out their personal mission in the world. Cathy is a Coach/ Consultant / Pastoral Supervisor with PIM. She holds a Master of Spiritualty, works in private practice as a Spiritual Director and lectures in Spiritual Formation with the University of Divinity


Candy Daniels; 0419541439

Candy is an experienced Professional Supervisor. Registered as a supervisor with the Australasian Association of Supervision and Chaplaincy Australia as well as a registered Clinical Counsellor with CCAA, and PACFA. Candy has extensive experience as a clinical and pastoral supervisor, clinical counsellor and chaplain within a variety of settings. Candy sees supervision as a time to stop, reflect and refine personal and professional development; a space to rejuvenate to do what we love and love what we do.


Rev Neville Taylor; 0417 003 115

As an ordained Baptist pastor with 35 years of pastoral leadership experience, Neville have led pastoral teams in various church contexts – large church plant, revitalising small inner-city church, and western-suburbs community/social justice focus.

Neville is passionate about leading a church which is inclusive and safe, that nurtures spiritual faith and lovingly serves the community. He is  committed to supervision that is characterised by active listening, confidentiality, trust and openness. Neville’s supervision practice is predicated on providing a safe and supportive place to explore issues of ministry practice, working collaboratively to interpret one’s role and nurturing skills within the ministry context. He has a Graduate Diploma in Professional Supervision and is a member of the Australian Association of Supervision (AAOS).

Christie Buckingham; 0409909886

Christie has over 30 years of church senior leadership, advocacy, and non-profit organisation facilitation, and church founding experience. She and her husband planted the church they still serve as senior pastors in. She is a qualified and accredited Professional Supervisor and spiritual director who uses her learnings to assist individuals in living their principles and reaching their full potential. She is determined to see this generation and future generations thrive because they have included Professional Supervision as one of their support mechanisms – she sees supervision as a serious and sacred journey – with good humour along the way! She counts it a joy to walk with others in ministry.

Rev Dr Bill Brown

Bill’s role as a Pastoral Coach seeks to help develop missional emerging leaders as well as encouraging and supporting the pastors of the larger churches. In addition to working 3 days a week for the BUV, Bill is also Pastor Emeritus of the Syndal Baptist Church where he is employed 1 day a week in a pastoral role and with whom he also served as Senior Pastor for almost 33 years until mid-2019 and Associate Pastor for almost 10 years prior to that. Bill has completed a Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision and is looking forward to helping pastors reflect on their ministry practice in a way that is life-giving and helpful.  

Annie Layton; 0421 598 444

As a trained professional supervisor and coach, Annie champions leaders informed by over three decades of ministry experience including tenures as church planter, Creative pastor and Senior pastor. She understands the beauty and pain of ministry and will help you navigate the complexities of ministry and your own journey of wholeness.


Isabelle Scott; 0409976604

Isabelle is a qualified Professional Supervisor (AAOS) and passionate about people flourishing in their professional and personal lives. Isabelle has lived experiential insight into how a person’s work-role can create attitudes and questions; inducing both positive and negative feelings such as ‘being alone and unsupported’ to ‘being recognised and acclaimed’. She is an ordained Pentecostal minister having more than 35 years ministry experience in Church leadership, pastoral care, children’s church, as well as 17 years of Chaplaincy ministry in sectors such as sports, business, health, LGBTQI. Isabelle cares about ‘who you are’, ‘what you do’ and fulfilling your Call.

Ross Duncan; 0419199858

Ross Duncan is an experienced counsellor and supervisor dealing with those who have complex needs. This experience includes over 15 years in practical church ministry – including 13 years in prison and emergency services chaplaincy; Pastoral Counselling for 13 years – trauma, burnout, relationships, depression. Professional Supervision since 2016. Services are available at Doncaster East, Clayton and Warragul or online. He is a member of the CCAA, CA and AAOS. For further details –

Rev Dr Ian Duncum; 0466620217

Ian is an experienced Pastor (over 25 years) serving in a wide variety of contexts, including Lead Pastor revitalising a church in 37 year decline and growing three churches by at least 80%. Ian has held denominational leadership roles in church health/development and consultancy training/supervision, and a tertiary research position with NCLS Research. Ian serves as an Interim and Intentional Interim Pastor, Mentor, Consultant, Author and Trainer. He supervises pastors and denominational leaders across denominations, usually online. Ian specialises in personal and organisational transitions, clarity around gifts/call, growth pathways, self care/burnout and conflict. w.

Andrew Menzies; 0438771875

Andrew has been in full-time ministry since the early 1990s in roles that have included: youth and young adult pastor; chaplain; denominational executive; senior pastor of two multi-staff teams and principal of a theological college with responsibilities to a university and denomination. He actively teaches and supervises students in practical theology and practices as a professional supervisor for people in a wide variety of ministry settings. He has a deep interest in the formation, health and growth of people in ministry and Christian service as well as those they lead and serve. Andrew seeks to create a confidential, disarming, open, mutual space where trust, listening and reflective conversation flourish.

James Lewis ; 0433275578

James is an ordained Baptist Minister with experience in supervising Pastoral leaders from Baptist, Uniting and Catholic denominations. He has pastored for 10 years and taught Supervised Theological Field Education at Whitley College, helping Ordination candidates grow their reflective practice skills. James has an interest in Contemplative Spirituality and how it enhances reflective learning. Currently minister at Baptcare as Spiritual Care Supervisor – Aged Care.


John Jeffries; 0419924566

John is a qualified Pastoral Supervisor who has been in Christian leadership for many decades. He was CEO of CBM for 23 years and has been a coach/mentor/trainer with Arrow Leadership for 13 years. He currently supervises pastors from several denominations. He received an OAM for leadership in 2014. He has co-led two Communities of Practice with the BUV. He is an Authorised Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge. He worships at Hawthorn West Baptist where he is the Chair of the Leadership Team.

Steve White; 0418761835

Steve has been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years as a church planter, senior minister, overseer, area director, denominational executive member, college lecturer, church health advocate, conference facilitator, levels facilitator, mentor and pastoral supervisor. Steve’s passion is to see healthy local churches led by healthy local leaders who are equipped to navigate life and ministry transitions to next-generation leaders with sustainable discernment and grace. As a father in the faith, Steve hope’s to encourage God’s people and churches to pursue their unique expression and live authentically to their call.


Craig A Mawdsley; 0412302527

Craig is qualified Professional Supervisors. For the passed 7 years has been working with Partners in Ministry as the VIC team leader and in One to One Support. During this time Craig has worked with 75 plus leaders, helping them reflect on their ministry and life and next steps. With a background in small business ownership, Craig tries to bring innovation and collaboration to help clients find ways forward but also flexibility to focus on the current need of the pastor. Really looking forward to work with you!


Louisa de Bruyn; 0408371210

Louisa is passionate about providing a Supervision space for leaders to reflect on practice and be seen and heard. Her years of experience as a lead Pastor in the Church they planted and training in Pastoral Supervision have equipped her to come alongside other Pastors and Leaders. Her commitment to healthy leaders and churches is why she continues to place herself in learning spaces to grow and develop. Out of the overflow of her apprenticeship to Jesus, she wants to listen, share and, where appropriate, impart practical, workable strategies to produce life transformation.


Janet Boyce; 0431707072

Janet is a passionate about providing a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space to journey alongside and serve her pastoral supervisees by encouraging them to take time to reflect on and explore the issues/ tensions that arise within that their pastoral work brings to the fore. Giving time for reflection on their God given identity and calling; coupled with the importance of caring for ones self. Her desire to serve and support supervisees to be equipped and be a conduit that enables them to grow and mature professionally, personally, and spiritually. She provides individual and group supervision in person in Gippsland and online throughout Victoria and Interstate.

Vicki Brasington; 0416068741

With almost three decades in pastoral ministry, Vicki has a broad and rich experience in most aspects of vocational ministry, along with a deep understanding of its intrinsic joys and struggles. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Professional Pastoral Supervision from St Mark’s National Theological Centre. 
Vicki is dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming space where people in vocational ministry can reflect on particular aspects of their work within theological, ethical and professional frameworks, to realise fresh perspectives on current practice and professional identity, as well as their personal and spiritual well-being.
She attends regular professional development with AAOS and Chaplaincy Australia. Supervision is provided via Zoom and in-person.


Bruce Dingwall; 0422305984

Bruce has been a pastor in the Sydney Anglican diocese with the role of senior pastor in a number of parishes for the past 26 years. He planted a church in Hoxton Park, which under God, grew to a fully self-supporting church.
He was the Senior minister at Menai Anglican Church for ten years, a largish church with 13 staff, and retired from that role in Sept 2020.
Bruce has been involved with coaching/mentoring new senior pastors for the past 5 years. He has also led groups of his fellow clergy in mission and outreach.

Michelle Woszatka; 0437547295

Michelle is an experienced and qualified educator/teacher, mentor, leader and professional supervisor with Chaplaincy Australia and the Australasian Association of Professional Supervisors (AAOS). She has a wealth of experience in mental health, wellbeing, trauma and family support, including parenting and domestic and family violence. She has worked with and led programs for vulnerable children and families, in education, family support and emergency response. Michelle is a God-fearing Aboriginal woman, wife, mother and grandmother who has served at various times, in her local church for 27 years, in childrens and womens ministry and local school scripture. She is committed to empowering, supporting and strengthening those who work with others.

Phil Weeks 561 925

Phil is a Clinical Psychologist with a strong interest in supporting ministers as they serve in their local church. He has served in various ministry roles including children, youth, young-adult, church planting and overseas mission contexts. He greatly respects the role of the minister and values the opportunity to provide professional supervision. Phil believes that supervision done well can be a great support for the minister. He believes there are some helpful psychological frameworks that, when grounded on the Christian faith, can provide insights into how to serve the Church in a more healthy and sustainable manner.

Keith Jobberns

Keith has extensive experience as a pastor and cross-cultural worker as well as national Baptist leadership roles with Baptist Mission Australia and Baptist Ministries Australia. He counts it a privilege to be able to journey with pastors and other church leaders by providing a safe, confidential space where they can reflect on their ministry practice.


Kurt Peters;  0405905976

Kurt is an ordained pastor with nearly two decades of experience coaching, counselling, mentoring and supervising christian ministry workers. He is a trained pastor, counsellor and supervisor registered with Australasian Association of Supervisors (AAOS). He currently works with 45+ clients including Supervisors, Senior Denominational Leaders, Pastors, Chaplains (school, hospital, prison, army, airforce, university), University staff workers, and Cross-cultural Workers. He works with ministry workers from diverse groups and denominations: Anglicans, Baptists, Presbyterian, FIEC, Australian Christian Churches, Lutheran, Churches of Christ, AFES, Anglicare. He is the founder and director of Red Sheep and the developer of Ministry Wellness Report, a burnout and wellness assessment tool for Ministry workers.

Dirk Van Doorene

Dirk has found the space provided by supervision in his own ministry invaluable as he has felt supported, understood and empowered. He seeks to offer such a safe and courageous space to others through empathic listening and conversation. Dirk’s approach supervision using a reflective model which explores the supervisee’s ministry and the reciprocal impact thereof on self and others.
For the past 4 years, he has offered formal supervision for individuals in a range of ministry contexts: congregation, school, university, aged care and hospital chaplaincy. My qualifications include: BTh Hons BA Hons MA (Pastoral Counselling) Grad Cert in Professional Pastoral Supervision GCMin; GCSE. AAOS accredited.

Susan Marcuccio

Susan is an experienced professional pastoral supervisor, passionate about people having a safe non judgemental place for support and the opportunity to engage in transformational learning. Susan specialises in the provision of supervision to supervisors, ministers, leaders, chaplains and pastoral care workers. She is an Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS) Supervisor Trainer and a Recognised Supervisor with Chaplaincy Australia. Susan is an advocate, educator and published author in the area of supervision.

Joel Kettleton

Joel is Professional Pastoral Supervisor and ordained minister, having served in a variety of contexts in the churches and in workplaces over the last two decades across Victoria and Tasmania. His experience includes church revitalisation and planting, leading teams, small church dynamics, and youth ministry.
He has a passion to see the Church flourish through the support of leaders. He is particularly interested in enabling ministry leaders to excel amidst the complexities of ministry in 21st Century Australia. Located in outer North-East Melbourne, Joel works with Partners in Ministry, offering online supervision.

Peter Cheel

Peter walks alongside pastors, supporting and positively challenging them to be the best version of themselves under
and for the glory of God. Practices include Supervision, Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting with churches and pastors (and their ministry teams). Member of AAOS, qualified professional supervisor (St Marks National Theological Centre), with a Master’s in Coaching Psychology. A passion for seeing pastors flourishing in their walk with Jesus and in the leadership of the church they oversee. Creating that safe space for authentic, open and honest dialogue is a privilege and immensely satisfying.

Mark Conner; 0411798926

Author, speaker, and leader. After decades of leadership in the church and not-for-profit space, Mark is now speaking, training, and coaching others toward greater effectiveness.



Roslyn Wright; 0415913738

Roslyn has worked as a professional supervisor for several years, offering both individual and group supervision. Her passion is working with people around identity and vocation as it. is worked out in the life of ministry. Her own work experience has been as pastor, chaplain, hospital spiritual carer, supervisor and trainer in pastoral care. She is an Accredited Clinical Pastoral Educator (Level 2 supervisor) with the Association for Supervised Clinical and Pastoral Education in Victoria, a Certified Advanced Member of Spiritual Care Australia – Spiritual Care Practitioner, and an ordained Baptist. She does adjunct lecturing at Whitley College in spirituality and also offers spiritual direction.

Cheryl McCallum; 0419031309

Cheryl McCallum has experience in theological training, preaching, speaking and governance. Her research and passion has been in encouraging women in ministry and leadership.



John Cotter; 0458234701

For almost 30 years I have been involved in providing Christian leaders in diverse contexts with the support and resources they need to keep going, learning and healthy. A lot of my work has been with leaders who are isolated in different ways (often leading solo), leaders who are trying new things, and with leaders from other cultures (mostly mainland Chinese).
My focus and goal are to see Christian leaders faithfully supported and enabled to keep growing as disciples, humans and leaders, and in recent years I have discovered that Pastoral Supervision provides a tremendous opportunity to do this.

Kerrell Ranucci; 0408432307

As a former pastor, Kerrell Ranucci is passionate about helping others nurture their friendship with Jesus, so that life in it’s fullness and ministry will be the overflow. The invitation from Jesus to be a listening presence, empowers Kerrell to lean into the privilege of walking with another, helping them discern the fingerprints of God in their life. Kerrell has a creative edge (Bachelor Design) and a MA (Spiritual Leadership) and comes alive in helping others discover their unique passions and calling, and helping them develop spiritual practices and rhythms that will help them flourish in their current season.

Kylie Butler; 0438734841

Kylie has served as CEO, consultant, pastor, leader coach & supervisor with many organisations. Kylie has extensive experience in leadership development, coaching, communications, transitions, strategy & team building. Kylie’s passion is to help Christian leaders take the next step. She is credentialed by the ICF as a Professional Certified Coach and a member of Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS). Kylie has studied Business at Monash University, Theology at ACOM, Coaching through the CCI, Supervision with St Marks & completed her Masters at Eastern College. Kylie currently attends New Peninsula Baptist Church & serves as an Elder.

Christine Williams; 0439741769

Christine offers supervision where attention is paid to the person’s role and their soul, in the work context. To enable supervisees to honestly reflect on their practices within a supportive Christian context and breathe new life into their leadership. Specialty areas include (but not limited too) – purpose and calling, burnout, busyness, well-being margin, transitions, leading yourself, the organisation and others, conflict and strategy. As a team member of Arrow Leadership Chris offers enquiring supervisees a free 30-minute trial session. Supervision can be one on one supervision or group supervision.

Samuel Dow; 0425 252318

Experience in working with people in ministry from diverse areas – chaplaincy to parish to new expressions. From an Anglican tradition but open and supportive of all regardless. My style of supervision is supportive and pastoral while searching deeper through the contemplative tradition.


Erin Spavin; 0416783929

Erin has completed accreditation as a Professional Supervisor and is committed to creating warm and safe environments for deeply reflective conversations. Over the past two decades, Erin has worked in church organizations and as a vocational Pastor, she understands the unique experience of Pastoral ministry with children, young people, families and the generations. An Arrow Australia alumni, Erin brings a rich perspective to Professional Supervision drawing from her Master of Leadership. After working in the Education sector for 10+ years, Erin communicates openly and authentically. She understands the impact of poor work cultures and is passionate about seeing leaders lead well through reflective practice.

Craig Semple; 0438438175

Having originally trained as a nurse and working in the area of Palliative Care, Craig has been in pastoral ministry 30 years. He has a heart to journey with those in ministry, seeking to assist them to flourish in their role.



Janine Steele; 0403274513

Janine is an ordained minister in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, with experience in hospitals, aged care, and local churches. Having received supervision for twenty five years, she loves using the supervision process to serve others in ministry for their own wellbeing as well as the good of those they serve. Janine seeks to create a safe space that is also a brave space for enabling ministers to reflect on what they are doing with a view to doing it better. Janine holds qualifications in theology, ministry, chaplaincy and pastoral supervision. Supervision is available online or in Sydney locations.

Rev Dr Brian Birkett; 0430 180 950

It’s a privilege for Brian to come alongside you as you do life and ministry. He seeks to help you flourish in all areas. Brian has been providing professional supervision, mentoring, counselling, consulting and/ or training to Pastors for decades across many denominations in Australia and many other nations.

Supervisors who are recognised by the BUV are placed on the Recognised BUV Supervisor’s list and are available to supervise Baptist Pastors. If you would like to apply to be on this list please complete the application here.