24th January 2024

Prayer Week – 25 Feb – 2 Mar 2024

As a union of churches, we are united in our belief that prayer has a powerful impact and must accompany and undergird our vision to be a union of flourishing churches with Christlike followers who join with God in redeeming society.

 BUV Prayer Week Format and Resources

Sunday Feb 25th – Saturday March 2nd 2024, marks our focus week of prayer for our Baptist Union of Victoria, churches and communities of faith.  We encourage churches, if you have not done already, to set time aside with your staff team or congregation for a dedicated time of prayer. Our Prayer Week comprises several elements:

What is prayer-walking? One simple definition is: “Praying on-site with insight.” The purpose of prayer-walking is to seek God’s blessing, mercy, and transforming power – both for the community surrounding your church and for yourselves as God’s servants in the community.  Encourage your staff, prayer team or groups from the congregation to be involved. Become more aware of what you see while you walk and pray by connecting prayer-walking with structured observation. 

A guide and format is downloadable here

We have provided a prayer for each day of the BUV Prayer Week – Please feel free to use these with your congregation. These will be distributed also on social media.



Download the Daily Prayer Resource

In addition, we invite you to join us twice a year for our Let’s Pray Together events – a time of corporate prayer on ZOOM with a specific focus at each meeting. These events will be advertised in the BUV Bulletin and on social media.  

Click here to enter the zoom meeting

To complete the focussed week of prayer, we encourage you to participate in a guided (or self-guided) Creation Walk – a walk specifically designed to help you to notice God’s creation surrounding you. Consider what Jesus might be revealing to you today in what you hear, see, smell, or touch.

Download the Creation Walk Resource

Additional BUV Prayer Resources

  •  Monthly Prayer Calendar and Daily prayer for churches – www.buv.com.au/pray
    We invite you to join together with other members of our Baptist family in daily prayer for our churches and communities, pastors and leaders, agencies and events as we boldly go Together on Mission to advance God’s Kingdom in Victoria.  Please pray for our BUV churches and communities of faith; local mission activities; pastoral leadership; oversight and identification of emerging leaders; generational ministries and for God’s provision of resources.  You can find our Monthly Prayer Calendar at www.buv.com.au/pray or see the churches to pray for each week on our BUV Facebook or Instagram page.


  • Specific prayer meetings may be held throughout the year, communicated through our BUV Bulletin and on social media.

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