EMERGE is a commitment of the BUV to resource an intentional leadership development pathway for emerging leaders, in partnership with local churches or agencies.

                   ‘EMERGING’ is inclusive of, but not exclusive to, the younger demographic.

In 2024 there will be two tracks. Each track aims to assist participants to take the next step in their leadership development. A summary of the tracks is outlined below, and further details are on subsequent links:

  • Track 1 – a year-long APPRENTICESHIP PATHWAY for people 18-35 who are actively serving in church or community.
  • Track 2 – NEXT STEPS, is for any leader or aspiring leader, whatever age, to take a further step in leadership and it is also a wonderful opportunity for ministry leadership teams to access training and equipping and reflect on it together.

Tracks 1 and 2 will be facilitated by Bill Brown and Kimberly Smith, along with other members of the BUV Support Hub and with occasional input from a range of other experienced missional leaders.

Bill is a BUV Pastoral Coach working primarily with emerging leaders and Senior Pastors of the larger churches. Prior to this, he had been both a Youth Pastor for 10 years and the Senior Pastor for 33 years with Syndal Baptist. Kimberly is the BUV Generations and Emerging Leaders Pastor. Prior to this, she was Associate Pastor (Generations and Church Life) with Werribee Baptist, a role she enjoyed and flourished in for over 14 years. Kimberly and Bill each have a teaching background.


Note: For Pastors, please also check the details of ‘A Community of Practice for Pastors’ at https://www.buv.com.au/events/a-community-of-practice/



For more information, email bill.brown@buv.com.au



An intentional missional leadership development pathway for emerging leaders, in partnership with local churches or agencies.

Who is an emerging leader?

This track is for those aged between 18 and 35, actively leading/serving in a church or community, affirmed by others to have leadership potential and/or is keen to develop their leadership capacity.


Structure (around 4 C’s – Context, Community, Curriculum, and Coach)

Participants commit to …

  • A 1-year pathway from February to December.
  • An initial non-residential Community retreat (Feb) and monthly Community gatherings for input, encouragement, accountability, and peer mentoring. At the monthly gatherings, there is also interaction with a range of experienced leaders.
  • A Curriculum that includes modules and reading about leading self, leading others, leading groups/teams/organisations/initiatives, and leading and living missionally.
  • Having a Context where they are actively serving in a leadership role in church or community.
  • Meeting monthly with a leadership Companion/Coach.


For more information, email bill.brown@buv.com.au




Resource/training experiences for leaders, specifically aimed at …

  1. Partnering with churches, & clusters of churches, to value and prioritise leadership development.
  2. Resourcing leaders in local churches to take a next step in the development of their character and leadership skills.


Leaders/aspiring leaders participate in leadership development evenings via Zoom from 7.30-9.15 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for teams of leaders to come together and then reflect together on the theme of the evening. If in person, the evening includes a light meal.


  • $0 but an investment on each occasion of one and three-quarters of an hour from 7.30-9.15 pm

Dates and Themes for 2024 

Feb 27: Understanding Yourself and Relating to Others

April 23:  Growing as an Authentic Leader

June 11: Building Great Teams and Great Team Cultures

August 13: Developing Other Leaders

 October 22: Being and Sharing Good News.

Note: Bill and Kim are also available to lead these workshops for local churches as well.

Register for Emerge Next Steps training here