EMERGE is a commitment of the BUV to resource an intentional leadership development pathway for emerging leaders, in partnership with local churches or agencies.

‘Emerging’ is inclusive of, but not exclusive to, the younger demographic.

In 2022 there will be three tracks. Each track aims to assist participants to take the next step in their leadership development. Details of the tracks are outlined below but in summary:

  • Track 1 – a year-long APPRENTICESHIP PATHWAY for people 18-35 who are actively serving in church or community. This pathway is also accredited by Whitley College for two Leadership Elective Units in the ‘build’ Diploma Course.
  • Track 2 – NEXT STEPS, is for any leader or aspiring leader, whatever age, to take a further step in leadership and it is also a wonderful opportunity for ministry leadership teams to access training and equipping and reflect on it together.
  • Track 3 – A COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE of 8-10 Baptist Pastors, geared towards the next generation of key staff leaders and is offered in partnership with Partners in Ministry. Note that there will also be a Community of Practice offered for Senior/Lead Pastors.

Tracks 1 and 2 will be facilitated by Bill Brown and Kimberly Smith, along with other members of the BUV Support Hub and with occasional input from a range of other experienced missional leaders.

Bill is a BUV Pastoral Coach working primarily with emerging leaders and Senior Pastors of the larger churches. Prior to this, he had been both a Youth Pastor for 10 years and the Senior Pastor for 33 years with Syndal Baptist. Kimberly is the BUV Generations and Emerging Leaders Pastor. Prior to this, she was Associate Pastor (Generations and Church Life) with Werribee Baptist, a role she enjoyed and flourished in for over 14 years. Kimberly and Bill each have a teaching background.

Track 3 will be facilitated by Bill and Kimberly, and John Jeffries from Partners in Ministry. John was for many years CEO of CBM and now spends his time coaching, supervising and resourcing church and business leaders. Other experienced leaders from Partners in Ministry will also contribute to Track 3.


For more information, email bill.brown@buv.com.au


Hear from our facilitators:


Testimonies from previous participants

Check out this interview with Jordan Stoyanoff  & participants from Kilsyth South speaking about their 2020 experience.


A testimony about EMERGE Apprenticeship Pathway by Tom Black, intern in 2020 at Kew Baptist.


An intentional leadership development pathway for emerging leaders, in partnership with local churches or agencies.

Who is an emerging leader?

This track is for those aged between 18 and 35, actively leading/serving in a church or community, affirmed by others to have leadership potential and/or is keen to develop their leadership capacity.

Structure (around 4 C’s – Context, Community, Curriculum and Coach)

Participants commit to …

  • A 1-year pathway from February to December.
  • An initial overnight Community retreat (Feb) and monthly Community gatherings for input, encouragement, accountability, and peer mentoring. At the monthly gatherings there is also interaction with a range of experienced leaders.
  • A Curriculum that includes modules and reading about leading self, leading others, leading groups/teams/organizations/initiatives and leading and living missionally.
  • Having a Context where they are actively serving in a leadership role in church or community.
  • Meeting monthly with leadership Companion/Coach


  • $330 +booking fee paid by participant and/or sponsoring church/organization.
  • Purchase of books and resources


  • Retreat -February 20 (late afternoon)/February 21
  • Gatherings – 9.30 am -3.15 pm March 21, April 11, May 16, June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19, October 17 (Global Leadership Summit), November 21, December 12

Application Process

Click here to download application form.

Applications to be submitted to Bill Brown by  January 31, 2022

Applicants will be interviewed, and references sought from recommending pastors/leaders

Note: For those who would like credit for participation in EMERGE, in 2022 the EMERGE Apprenticeship Pathway will form 2 Leadership Units of the ‘build’ Diploma Course accredited through Whitley College and the University of Divinity.



Resource/training experiences for leaders, specifically aimed at …

  1. Partnering with churches, & clusters of churches, to value and prioritize leadership development.
  2. Resourcing leaders in local churches to take a next step in the development of their character and leadership skills.


Leaders/aspiring leaders participate in leadership development evenings via Zoom from 7.30-9.15 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for teams of leaders to come together and then reflect together on the theme of the evening. 


  • $0 but an investment of one and three quarters of an hour from 7.30-9.15 pm

 Scheduling & Themes 

  • Leading self (February 8)
  • Leading a team (April 12)
  • Leading through communication (June 14)
  • Leading through challenge (August 9)
  • Leading missionally (October 11)


Note: Bill and Kimberly are also available to lead these workshops for local churches as well.

Register for Emerge Next Steps training here



                      … a joint initiative of BUV in partnership with Partners in Ministry (PIM)

One year of excellent leadership training in community to permanently impact a pastor’s ministry trajectory by –

  • Working with a group of 8-10 other Baptist pastors to facilitate growing as healthy pastors leading healthy churches and developing healthy leaders who develop healthy leaders.
  • Nurturing and growing leadership skills, abilities, and gifts for decades of fruitful ministry.
  • Encouraging self-care to impact longevity in vocation pastoral leadership.
  • Leading and developing others as they walk closer with Jesus.

The Pathway and Components for the Year

  • Preparation for retreat – Completion of 360 Leadership Practices Inventory by people who work with you or who are part of your network.
  • Overnight Retreat  4pm February 14 – 3 pm February 15 at Mount Martha with a focus on leadership formation, developing as an authentic leader, receiving individual 360-degree feedback.
  • Five Bimonthly Gatherings of the Community at BUV Support Hub from 9.00 am -4.00 pm April 4, June 6, August 1, September 12, November 14 with key input on different aspects of leadership, developing leaders, living missionally, curating a discipleship culture, as well as time for group conversation and peer mentoring on an individual’s contextual leadership challenges.
  • Six Individual one-on-one coaching/supervision sessions with a trained PIM coach/supervisor to review, help further contextualise, troubleshoot, and implement.

The Facilitators – Bill Brown and Kimberly Smith from BUV and John Jeffries from PIM with other input from the Partners in Ministry team of 16 coaches with experience and expertise in a wide variety of ministry contexts – see website partnersinministry.com 

The Outcome

A growing number of pastors –

  • whose individual leadership has been strengthened with character development, tools and skills which will serve them well for decades of future ministry.
  • who have been enabled to effectively develop leaders who develop leaders.
  • having received individual 360-degree feedback to identify strengths and ‘blind-spots’ and having received tools that will enable them to respond to their ‘blind-spots’ and facilitate growth where needed.
  • who are less likely to be impacted by stress and burnout and better equipped for greater longevity in ministry.
  • who have bonded with each other and will be able to provide mutual support in their future ministry.
  • who will be well placed to bring strong impact to their local church, their local community, and the global community.

The Cost

One-year full programme – $1,600 invoiced quarterly by PIM i.e., $400/quarter                 

Interested in the one for Associate Pastors or the one for Lead/Senior Pastors?

Application Process

Click here to download application form.

For more information please contact Bill Brown at bill.brown@buv.com.au or 0407821784