Experienced in Ministry

The BUV Pastoral Leadership Support and Development Team is supported by a Specialist Ministry team who operate under the banner of “Experienced in Ministry” to provide pastoral care for:

  • Retired Pastors
  • Pastors over 65 years of age who are still actively engaged in ministry
  • The widows and widowers of Pastors
  • Retired Global Interaction Missionaries

Particular focus is given to Pastors who are ill or in difficult circumstances.

The team is led by Rev. Alan Marr:
Mobile: 0407 095 695
Email: alan.marr@myinbox.net.au

An annual lunch each November celebrates the legacy of faithful service to the BUV, enables Pastors to catch up with colleagues and offers perspectives on continuing developments in the mission and ministry of the BUV.

A quarterly “Experienced in Ministry” newsletter is edited by Grace Munro.