Professional Standards Workshops (PSW)

The Baptist Union of Victoria desires that all its churches – and its pastors – live in ways that are consistent with the loving, healing and reconciling work of God. Therefore we ask all our pastoral leaders to know and practise the BUV Code of Ethics for Pastoral Leaders.

Living and leading ethically in church and society with their complex of relationships and expectations is not always simple. In order to support our pastoral leaders, we offer a variety of Professional Standards Workshops whereby we can learn together and support one another in ethical pastoral practice.

In order to maintain BUV accreditation, pastoral leaders in the BUV need to complete at least 1 Professional Standards Workshop each year. This is a minimum requirement; as a commitment to healthy and ethical practice, pastoral leaders may choose to participate in two or more each year. 


Locate your own PSW

At times pastors in the BUV may locate other courses, conferences and workshops they would like to complete as a recognised PSW. The Professional Standards Group determines if events can be recognised as PSWs. The key criterion here is that the course, conference or workshop must have some clear correspondence and application to some aspect of the BUV Code of Ethics for Pastoral Leaders.

If you would like to apply for such recognition, contact Brenda Williams, BUV Professional Standards Consultant on


BUV Recognised PSW

The following PSW’s are recognised by the BUV and will count towards the Pastoral Accreditation requirement to complete one PSW per year.

Family Violence Training for Church Leaders

To have the yearly PSW requirement recorded by the BUV once you have completed the PSW please email with the PSW name and date you attended.