Regional Pastors

The Pastoral Leadership Support and Development team includes a number of Regional Pastors. Their job is to:

  • Encourage and support all pastoral leaders in the BUV toward healthy, life-giving and sustainable ministry that enables them to thrive in pastoral leadership and to empower them to lead their churches in mission. This includes an emphasis on putting in place support networks (e.g. pastoral peer groups, mentors, supervisors, spiritual directors etc.) that will help to sustain their spiritual health and pastoral vitality.
  • Be a first port of call for pastors and churches in times of transition and crisis. When a pastor or church needs an experienced person to talk to in times of tension, conflict, growth, crisis or change, the Regional Pastor will be the initial contact. After gaining a sense of what is happening, the Regional Pastor may refer to the Church Health and Capacity Building team or the Mission Catalyst team for some specialist guidance and support.
  • Offer support resources to pastors through pastoral reviews, annual appraisals and exit interviews.

In order for pastors to easily build a relationship with the BUV’s Regional Pastors, Baptist Churches are divided into 4 regions.

The regions and their Regional Pastors are:

West (rural and regional)
Rev Graeme Semple

Mobile: 0490 036 112
Phone: 03 9880 6150

East (rural, regional and outer eastern-suburban)
Rev Robert Hayman

Mobile: 0409 414 450
Office: 03 9880 6150

Metropolitan (inner urban and suburban)
Rev Chris Barnden

Mobile: 0418 617 751
Office: 03 9880 6150

LOTE Church Pastors

Regional Pastors are supported by the BUV’s Multicultural Consultants in recognising the specialised contexts of Pastors who serve communities speaking Languages Other Than English (LOTE). The Multicultural Consultants can be contacted as follows:

Rev Meewon Yang

Mobile: 0417 528 057
Office: 03 9880 6144

Rev Dr Marc Chan

Mobile: 0435 599 616
Office: 03 9880 6104


All Regional Pastors are administratively supported by a team administrator:
Pastoral Leadership Support and Development Administrator
Phone: 03 9880 6150