Archiving Guidelines for local churches: recommendations for document retention
  • Minutes of church member’s, Deacons, Leadership Team and other key meetings
  • Church organisations e.g. Sunday school, womens’ groups, clubs etc
  • Annual reports (plus annual reports of other bodies if not included in the church annual report )
  • Annual audited Financial Statements (If Audited Financial Statements are available then there is no need for supporting documents as the auditor has already seen them and accepted them as being reflected correctly in the report).
  • Programmes of Special Events e.g. anniversaries, inductions memorial services.
  • Files of weekly bulletins or similar publications
  • Histories of the church or of church bodies such as the tennis club
  • Significant correspondence e.g. the calling of a minister, letting of a building contract etc
  • Membership & Baptismal Rolls
  • Creche & Sunday School Rolls, club membership etc.
  • Plaques & Honour Boards (or photographs if originals are too bulky)
  • Plans & architectural drawings of church buildings
  • Photographs of special occasions & groups, such as deacons or elders (note: please include names)
  • Marriage Registers

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

Marita Munro
BUV Archivist

For more general information on Baptist History, please see the Victorian Baptist Historical Society.