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  • Mission Grants

    In 2014 we have brought certain grants, which used to be available from the Advancement Fund, under the umbrella of the Mission Catalyst Team, as a clear way of indicating that our partnerships with churches are primarily to facilitate mission and outreach.

    The overseeing of grants is undertaken by the Mission Grants Panel currently comprising Lee Kohler, Geoff Pound, Robyn Song and Gordon Wild, along with some members of the Mission Catalyst team. This group makes recommendations for funding to the BUV Leadership Team.

    Mission Grants Available:

    New Churches Grant

    Funding is available to support a church planter to begin a new congregation, preferably in areas which are under-churched or with under-represented people groups. The BUV has a clear strategy indicating our priorities for new churches and a clear list of accountabilities for prospective church planters. The BUV is typically able to offer up to 2 days per week stipend to assist a planter to begin a new faith community.

    If you are interested in applying for a grant, please contact Anne Wilkinson-Hayes on 0430 770 474 or email

    New Churches Mission Grant Application Form

    New Churches Covenant of Accountabilities

    Community Engagement Grant

    The purpose of these grants (up to $2,500) is to assist churches to engage with their local communities, with particular priority for addressing social exclusion and disadvantage. These may include activities such as the start-up costs of a toy library; a contribution towards the caterings costs of a self-help group; plants for a community garden etc. Alternatively this fund can also be used to assist churches seeking to run community carol events; community-oriented fairs and fun days and other special outreach events. Please note churches can only apply for a grant every two years.

    If you are interested in applying for Community Engagement Grant, please contact Brent Lyons-Lee on 0413 311 170 or email

    Community Engagement Grant Application Form

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