Rev Dave Harrison starts at Waverley Baptist Church

“You get a sense in your spirit that it’s time for a change. Often when you get that prompting, you’re the one that has to step out of the boat and make that change.”

Rev Dave Harrison was an associate pastor at Kingston City Church for ten years before a prompting from God last year led him and his wife Heather to step into a new season of leading the church at Waverley Baptist Church. 

Enthused by the prospect of leading Waverley into new heights in service, Rev Dave, along with the Waverley Baptist Church community prayed in earnest that the appointment is right for both him and the congregation as a whole. 

“When you step out, God always steps in,” Rev Dave said as he recalls the five occasions he’s met with the church leaders and how, prior to his appointment, it had all felt so right.  “Waverley felt like such an excellent fit and is ripe for this new season that God has in store.” 

One of ministries that Rev Dave is looking forward to the most at Waverley is working alongside the young adults of the church through mentorship and discipleship. Having experienced a life-changing event in his late teens when a man of God “stood in the gap” for him at a time when he really needed someone, Rev Dave is passionate about encouraging the younger generation to look beyond the current challenges and difficulties they’re facing and to instead, “make a difference, go the extra mile and sow into people’s lives”. 

“One of my strengths and something that I’m excited about is to mentor young people and to instil in them a self-belief and confidence in God that they too can step out and take risks [in ministry and mission] and that they should have high expectations for what God can do through them.” 

Rev Dave will start his appointment at Waverley Baptist Church next week! 

New Faith Community – Rock City Church

ROCK City Church is a new multi-cultural community that seeks to spread hope in Nunawading, Victoria. Every Sunday, a congregation of young and old would come together to worship and hear the preaching of the Gospel. 

Pastor Ferdinand Haratua (fondly called Pastor Ferdy) began his pastoral ministry in 2018 when he sensed God’s call in his life to plant a church in Melbourne. Leaving behind his rewarding career as a Director of Technology back in Sydney, Pastor Ferdy, his wife Poppy and their two sons and daughter came to Melbourne where he started a small community of faith right in his living room. 

By God’s grace, from its beginnings in March 2019, this small community of faith has grown to what is now known as ROCK City Church in Nunawading where Pastor Ferdy, who holds a Master of Divinity graduate from Christ College, continues to shepherd his growing congregation every week. 

When asked about ROCK City Church, Pastor Ferdy says,

“We’re deeply committed to our core values, our three Cs — treasuring Christ, loving the Church, and serving the Community. We believe only when Christians treasure Christ can we truly love the church and serve the community. Treasuring Christ is our top priority, for without it we will love and serve out of duty with two undesirable outcomes: when we succeed in our endeavour, we’ll become prideful, but when we fail, we’ll be crushed by it. However, when our love for the church and community comes from the overflowing love of Christ, we’ll have a joyful, contagious, and generous love for the people.” 

ROCK City Church meets every Sunday morning in the state-of-the-art Nunawading Community Hub. You can find out more by visiting their website here.

Check out some photos below!