Mission Catalyst on Grassroots Placemaking and Welcoming New Team Member Danny Ang!

It was a great day out on Sunday, 23 March with the Ordinands for our third week with Mission Catalyst. Interviews and prayers at Mill Park for the three new church plants as well as our newest member Danny Ang, who presented on Grassroots Placemakers at Olivine. Read on to know more about Danny!

Danny Ang is the newest member to join team Mission Catalyst, charged with oversight to Grassroots Placemakers (GRP) movement. His role is to support the continuing work of mission and has dual functions of creating opportunities for place making and supporting place makers to become effective in their roles. He brings more than 20 years of management experience in the commercial sector and more than 8 years in the non-profit sector focusing on process innovation and strategic planning.

On March 22, we saw Danny in action in Donnybrook shared cup café, giving his first talk about GRP to a group of pastors as part of their Intensive Ordination Program. The talk reinforced the Mission Catalyst initiative of reimagining mission.  Danny presented a practical framework on how to express Mission in community and a process that helps to identifying works that create the greatest impact to the community, using the existing assets of the local church.

Danny is now in conversation with several churches exploring new expressions of mission. He invites every church to explore this avenue as a way to building new faith communities.