BUV @ Surrender Melbourne Mini Festival 2021

It was an occasion of much joy and deep pondering as the Surrender community gathered together for our first in-person event on Saturday, 13 March 2021 at Mitcham Baptist Church.

As the past year of 2020 has unveiled deep wounds and injustices in our world, coupled with the COVID-19 season that had most of us restricted inside our homes, it was an incredible feat from the Surrender team, especially the incomparable Charlene Delos Santos, to organise an event that brought together people from all nations and ethnicities, gathered to both hear and listen to the heartbreaking and inspiring voices of the poor and the marginalised.

‘I came away thinking how great this would be if all our churches were able to hear the stories and be so inspired… The invitation from our indigenous communities for the churches to engage in two-way dialogue to improve what our successive governments have been unable is perhaps a pertinent opportunity to model the reason why the church exists – to redeem society or as Johnny Baker and Cathy Ross (CMS) says, “to heal all things”.’

Rev Gayle Hill, the Head of the BUV Mission Catalyst team

The one-day mini festival, a first for Surrender who usually holds a much bigger annual conference at the Belgrave Heights Convention Centre, still featured the classics:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Welcome to Country
  • Music, dance and spoken word performances
  • Open space discussions
  • Art exhibitions
  • Market stalls featuring crowd-favourites Eden, RoyRak, and newer features like Soul Tread magazine
  • Coffees and chats
  • Yarning


Check out some more photos of the event here!

Surrender Co. hosts and creates safe spaces to discuss challenging and sometimes painful issues. They seek to keep Jesus at the centre of their conversation, so they leave in peace, hope and unity even as they are challenged. They do this because they share a common belief in a risen Christ and the hope of justice, beauty and the wholeness through Him.

The BUV is honoured to be part of the Surrender Community and taking part in its annual conference where we host a marquee and share stories of mission, justice, and faithfulness with hundreds of conference attendees. The BUV is excited to see what the Surrender team has in store  for the rest of the year!

Learn more about Surrender and join the #SurrenderCommunity at www.surrender.org.au.