Finance & Administration Team

The goal of the Finance & Administration team is to provide effective risk and financial management, high quality information to BUV leaders and reduce the compliance and administration burden on churches.

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Finance and Admin Resources

Debbie Uy, Director of Finance and Administration

Debbie is the Director of Finance & Administration, as well as the Secretary of the Union. Her role is to oversee the strategic management of BUV’s financial resources and the provision of legal, property, governance, IT and human resources functions to various BUV stakeholders. This also includes being the Public Officer of the BUV. Debbie has 19 years of corporate business and 6 years not-for-profit community services sector experience, with particular focus on strategic and operational functions across administration, risks and finance, HR and governance. Debbie holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Science (Marketing) and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology).

Simon Taylor, Senior Accountant

Simon is responsible for internal management reporting at the BUV. He assists churches with general accounting enquiries such as payroll, tax, stipends, assessing requests for funding assistance, and helping with building programs. He is a currently a Deacon at Moroolbark Baptist Church having previously been the church Treasurer. Simon is a CPA and holds a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University

Andrew North, Financial Service Consultant

Andrew is the point of contact for churches with financial questions. He is available to assist Treasurers and those who look after the finances with setting up accounts, Business Activity Statements (BAS), Goods and Services Tax (GST) or any matters with financial implications. Andrew has been Business Manager of Christian Schools, Church Administrator of large and small churches and was Church Treasurer with a small Baptist Church. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting).

James Lee, Accountant

Dina Hartono, Accountant

Mark Lim, Administration Manager

Mark is responsible for internal HR and administrative support to Head of Finance and Administration, and the Union Secretary. He assists churches in property transactions and administrative processes. His background was in engineering, and then an ordained pastor for 23 years. He has experience in senior church leadership and church consultation. Mark has a Bachelor in Engineering and an M.A. in Theology.

Mark can be contacted on (03) 9880 6113

Dinah Gabriel, Office Manager

Dinah’s main function as Office Manager is to ensure the smooth operation of the BUV office. This includes organising the maintenance and upkeep of the building and its contents, and ensuring the office is a safe environment to work in. She is the first point of contact for external enquiries to the BUV office (via phone and email) and making sure they are dealt with in a timely manner.

Josephine Hart, Administration Assistant

Josephine provides administrative assistance to the Administration Manager and Office Manager.