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  • Our Vision

    Advancing the Kingdom of God

    Our mission:

    Empowering leaders for mission

    Our goals:
    • To align our churches for mission and develop and communicate a vision for Christ-centred, Kingdom-oriented mission.
    • To support and develop healthy pastoral leaders and empower them to lead their churches in mission.
    • To promote healthy churches, systems and behaviours across the whole BUV, and to specifically build the capacity of church leadership teams to work in healthy and effective ways so as to enable the churches to devote themselves to mission and ministry.
    • To enable high levels of communication throughout the Baptist system, empowering belonging, coordination and engagement together in ideas, resources, training, support and mission.
    • To provide effective risk and financial management, high quality information to BUV leaders and reduce the compliance and administration burden on churches.
    2016 Key Result Areas

    3 Key Emphases

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