By Cindy McGarvie


Are we on the brink of a Jesus revolution among youth in Australia?

After hundreds of hours research, Cindy McGarvie, director of Youth for Christ Australia, is convinced we are which she lays out in compelling detail in her first book #JesusRevolution: Real & Radical.

Cindy reveals that amid the massive political, social and cultural revolutions of the 60’s and 70’s a “Jesus People” revolution emerged that was so significant it changed the way many Christians approached church and worship. Tens of thousands of young people gave up their psychedelic drugs and ‘free love’ to run after something more authentic and life changing – Jesus!

These longhaired, barefoot, Christian hippies, full of zeal to share their newfound faith, challenged many in the established Christian community. There was a lot of judgment on outward appearance and the movement eventually faded away.

For Cindy, a casual internet search to find the origins of the term Jesus people was the beginning of an intense examination into this radical movement.

“I discovered a gap in my Christian history,” Cindy recalls. “So I ordered books and I started reading, reading and reading.”

What she uncovered were striking cultural parallels with the revolutions of the 60’s and 70’s to those of today.

In #JesusRevolution Cindy distills her extensive research into an engaging easy-to-read summary that presents a compelling guide for understanding the times and engaging with a new movement of radical young Christians.

“In my role with YFC I’ve been challenged by a new generation of Jesus people who are having a huge impact on reaching their peers with the gospel. They are living counter culturally, in purity, joy and freedom,” shares Cindy.

“If history is truly repeating itself, a new Jesus revolution is about to take off. And we need to be ready.”

#JesusRevolution is available from Amazon.com.au.