Spinifex Blessing

Spinifex Blessing
by Julie Perrin
Reviewed by Digby Hannah

Spinifex Blessing is the title of a delightful collection of 24 small, very personal stories told by Julie Perrin.

Each of her reflections, short enough to be read in a few minutes, resonate with a sense of spirituality in the midst of everyday life. It may be a moment of family celebration; a chance meeting with a stranger outside a bank; a reflection while recuperating after a visit to the hospital; a Christmas celebration with homeless people; a moment of personal loss; or an unusually affecting random news report.

These are life’s highlights, lowlights and ordinary moments. They are moments of transcendence, inspirational stories ideal for reading in a quiet place at a time when the reader can afford to be still and reflect.

The stories were all published at one time or another in The Sunday Age faith column. They have been collected into three pocket-sized booklets, easy to carry around.

They can be purchased at Wellspring ($16.50) http://www.wellspringcentre.org.au/purchase-online/books-cds-cards/

as well as at CTM ($15) http://www.ctmresourcing.org.au/spinifex-blessing