8th June 2023

Pastoral Ministry is changing for good!

Pastors are… reflecting on the way they do their ministry; they are wondering, imagining and they are learning.

There is a change starting to sweep across Victoria among Baptist Pastors – it began slowly but is now gaining momentum. The difference may not be obvious now, but in the future the change will be major. The changes will be good and will impact Pastors and will help the churches they lead to flourish.  

What is this change? Pastors are beginning to sit down with a professional to talk. They are reflecting on the way they do their ministry; they are wondering, imagining and they are learning. They are beginning their journey of Professional Pastoral Supervision. 

Pastors and churches are investing in a trained professional who has a Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision, and they are talking about their pastoral role, how their ministry impacts or is impacted by the people they serve and the context in which they serve. The supervisor listens, asks questions, is attentive to emerging themes and makes observations. Often situations that were overwhelming, are seen differently, and with the oversight of the Supervisor, the Pastors can tap into resources that were there all along and deal with their situations in a more streamlined way. Past experiences are drawn on to help face the current challenges.  

Supervision is a great place for the tough stuff of ministry to be shared. Discussions between a pastor and their professional pastoral supervisor are confidential. Ministry experiences are shared freely because the pastor knows that it is a safe place to talk. Trust continues to grow as the pastor returns for their regular sessions.  

BUV Pastoral leaders are encouraged to undertake Professional Pastoral Supervision, beginning this year, ideally fitting in 3 sessions. From 2024, every BUV pastoral leader will be required to have a minimum three sessions of Professional Pastoral Supervision to maintain their BUV Pastoral Leadership Accreditation. 

Our website has the photos and bios of more than 30 Professional Pastoral Supervisors who are recommended by the BUV. Please visit the page and call one of them today and be part of the change that his happening for good across our union of churches.


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