6th December 2017

Big Hearted Gifts

In September, Baptist World Aid launched its beautiful new range of Big Hearted Gifts.

“These gorgeous gifts are an amazing way for you to share your passion for ending poverty with the people you love most,” said Baptist World Aid representative, Samara Linehan.

Each Big Hearted Gift represents a donation to real, life-changing activities that are supported by Baptist World Aid and will help bring an end to poverty for good.

There are gifts to grow incomes – like fish farming and bee keeping. There are gifts that promote health – like hand soap and safe birth. There are even gifts to strengthen communities – like child friendly spaces.

“So, as you can see,” says Mrs Linehan, “every time you choose a Big Hearted Gift, you’re actually giving a loved one something that transforms the lives of children, families, and communities in desperate need.” 

Manpura, her husband, and their three children were helpless to do anything but watch, as their world was reduced to rubble by a landslide in Nepal.

That they managed to escape with their lives was a miracle. Sadly, they lost everything else.

“In just a matter of moments,” remembers Manpura, “everything was swept away in front of our very eyes… our house, cattle, crops, cattle-shed, food, clothing – everything.”

With no food, farmable land, or belongings to speak of, Manpura and her family were plunged into dire poverty. They next five years were spent in constant hunger.

But when Baptist World Aid’s Christian Partner in the field began working in their community, Manupura received a wonderful gift – access to clean water. This little change had big consequences!

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