12th October 2021

Big Step Sunday

Merryn Mann, the Children and Families Stream Pastor and Generation Ministry Consultant at Crossway Baptist Church shares one of the many creative ways their church has reached out to kids and families during lockdown. 

 After three date changes amidst an extended lockdown, we decided to re-create our Big Step experience over Zoom. The program invites parents to join their children at our Crossway Kids Sunday school service where we present the salvation message and give the children the opportunity to respond.  

 We had to get creative to make it engaging and simple for families, while also presenting an interactive and clear gospel message. Despite not knowing exactly how it would go over Zoom or who would engage, God showed up!  

We had 150 families join us over two sessions and saw 52 children put their trust in Jesus! The highlight was seeing parents in their own living rooms praying for their kids as they led them to Christ.  

God totally blew us away! He reminded us that, even in the middle of a pandemic, He’s got this. He’s the one building His kingdom and is always faithful. 

So can I encourage you to continue to be creative in the way that we reach our kids and families during lockdown. Connect with your kids over Zoom, craft a salvation experience for families, encourage bathtub baptisms, empower families to have a meaningful faith conversation together, call a family to see how they’re doing, send a birthday pack to a kid having yet another birthday in lockdown, deliver a care package to a family in need, and so much more! 

God is moving and working and building His Kingdom. Try something new and see what He does for you and your church community!


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