4th March 2020

Celebrating our Baptist Women

This month, we are celebrating International Women’s Day (Sunday, 8 March) with stories of ordinary women who are playing extraordinary roles within our Baptist community.

Let’s Have A Chat With Gwyn Milne

We are excited to launch a new Let’s Have a Chat series where we interview some of the most incredible and inspiring women leaders in our Baptist family.

The first video features Gwyn Milne, who has held numerous senior leadership roles within the Baptist Union, both at state and national levels, and is a role model for many young women and men in leadership roles. Click on the video above to listen to Gywn’s journey as one of the first women leaders to break the glass-ceiling, and positively contribute to the advancement of women in leadership roles. 


Leading In The Middle 
– Robyn Song

Robyn is single, female, Asian, a migrant, a leader and a mother of four. But these titles don’t confine her. Read more >


Finding One’s Voice
– Charlene Delos Santos

“My passion is to engage with and support this next generation of culturally diverse leaders.”
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The Blessings of Diminished Capacity, Tiredness and God’s Grace – Jess Groszek 

“I am grateful to be leading with limited capacity, with tiredness and with grace that is sufficient for today.” Read more >


Watching For A Bend In The Road
– Christine Wanstall

“Was I the pastor’s wife? I wasn’t typical.” The lack of a clear-cut path for Christine was ultimately a gift in discovering her true identity.
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Planting Hope
– Sherry Maddock

Sherry started social enterprise, Planted Places, when they first moved to an apartment with nowhere to grow plants in Melbourne CBD. “We began growing plants at the basement of Collins Street Baptist Church and we thought if we can figure this out and pioneer it, it will be easier for someone else.”  Planted Places’ mission is to combat social isolation by bringing new life and skills to disadvantaged members of the community. Read more about Sherry’s work in the latest issue of Monthly Magazine: Planting Hope – A community gardening program is bringing hope to asylum seekers. You can also listen to the free podcast here.


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