9th December 2021

Flourish – it’s the little things

Sandylife Baptist Church’s Flourish, a High School Preparation and Resilience Program designed to prepare and equip year six and year seven students in their transition from primary to secondary school, recently hosted their end-of-year celebrations (EPIC) at GlowZone with up to 50 kids in attendance.  

The original vision of Flourish came from church member Emily Fairweather who started the program in 2015Since then, it has continued to create a positive and Kingdom-flourishing impact not only on the students, but has also spilled over into the local community. 

Cathy Cudlipp, pastor at SandyLife Baptist Church, says, “What was exciting for us at our end of year celebration, was the feedback from the guys that owned the venue: ‘I’ve never known a group like this. I’ve had lots of groups come through the place but yours hasn’t been demanding. [They] were very easy going… good sense of community.’”  

“It’s the little things that we do that makes a big impact..,” Cathy continues. “…like who we are, how we interact with people and encourage the community—it makes such a big impact. We don’t realise it at the time [what the difference we’re making in the lives of people]. But we’re seeing it through our young kids.” 

The Flourish program and its members are creating a community of young people, (both young adults returning to mentor and those in the program itself), who has a real heart for serving the community. And through being faithful in the little things, like being mindful and respectful of the people they encounter and the spaces they occupy, they learn that they can leave a lasting Kingdom-flourishing impact on those around them. 

Visit flourishprogram.org for more information.

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