30th August 2022

Flourishing Together

In this Q&A, Camberwell Baptist Church’s Generations Pastor Hannah Grigg shares the highlights of joining youth groups with Canterbury Baptist Church.

What has it been like joining the two groups together?

The momentum’s been amazing! Joining up with the youths at Canterbury Baptist Church is such a beautiful way to support them [as a church]. The kids have been inviting their friends, bringing at least 5-7 friends, and being able to share God with them and talk about Jesus is just fantastic.

What was the transition like?

Everyone was pretty welcoming of the idea. The parents’ responses have been so beautiful – so many thank you emails talking about the kids all excited to come.

What are the benefits of seeing the number of youth kids double?

The bigger the numbers, the more comfortable and free the kids can be because it’s not as daunting and they can blend in. It allows us to host bigger events and commit to much bigger programs that gives them more opportunities to invite their friends.

What are you looking forward to in this ongoing partnership?

Ongoing equipping of leaders with tools to help the kids continue to share with their friends, really. And doing more youth-led programs! We’ve had kids come up asking us to host fundraisers or environmentally friendly events – it’s all [so exciting] and very much God!

“We can’t get over the numbers!”

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