12th October 2021

From retired Navy chaplain to local church pastor

Pastor Duncan Besci is the new senior pastor at Beaconsfield Baptist Church. 

Having served as a chaplain at the Royal Australian Navy for fifteen years, in 2017, Pastor Duncan returned back home in Victoria to serve in a local church ministry setting. 

“I felt a very strong call to go back,” he says. “It was something I couldn’t shake.” 

Despite the rewarding work at the Navy, Pastor Duncan felt “incredibly hindered” as a government employee. His role strictly prohibited him from proclaiming the Gospel and it was this deterrent that led him to serve at his local church. 

“I’m reminded that the Word of God is important and one that we should never be embarrassed or ashamed,” he says. 

Over the next 18 months of prayer and discernment, God opened the door for Pastor Duncan to serve at a church in Canberra before being led to serve at Beaconsfield Baptist Church—where he is currently pastoring. 

 Commencing his pastoral duties in May this year, Pastor Duncan is excited for the opportunity to not only meet the entirety of the Beaconsfield Baptist Church congregation in person (for the first time!) after lockdown, but he’s also excited for what God has in store for the church as they talk vision and mission for the new year and onwards. 

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