4th November 2019

Sweet Eats and Laughs

Over the past 12 months, Heathmont Baptist Church has been running a ministry called “Sweet Eats & Laughs”. The idea was born after talking with a number of females, including young mums, working women and realising that the common feeling shared amongst them was one of busyness and tiredness, combined with a subtle nagging guilt that as Christians we should be doing more to build relationships and to reach out to our neighbours and community. The missing ingredient? ….. Joy – a sense of the fun.

So we decided to create a night called Sweet Eats & Laughs. We run this once a quarter. One ingredient we are committed to is laughter as we realise in our every day lives, good laughs can be few and far between and the reality is that we actually need to intentionally schedule in laughter!  

So our nights involve delicious food, champagne on arrival and activities that are fun and interactive. Our latest one in October was our Market Night, where we had a number of stalls and a huge clothes swap. People brought along their no longer worn clothes and brought home a brand new wardrobe for free!

We look for activities where our women can invite their non-churched friends and know they will have a great night. And more importantly, where they can see that getting together with us is fun! Laughter being one of our underlying themes, we were able to naturally bring in a thought for discussion on what an amazing sense of humour God must have!

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