25th October 2017

The Evolving Face of Multicultural Ministry

The Evolving Face of BUV Multicultural Ministry

I have worked at the BUV in various roles in the area of Multicultural Ministry for nearly two decades. Initially the focus of my role was on the 1st Generation, newly arrived and refugees and asylum seekers – visiting many churches and pastors. I visited many families with young children and those just starting to have babies. We were very busy supporting those churches, especially the first generation in helping them adjust and live in a new culture.

And now 20 years later, these babies are now our emerging young leaders! I have been gifted by facilitating the Ignite Conferences the last three years, and seeing these leaders step up and grow.

The 1st Gen has no idea, including myself, how to lead them because the journey is different for these 2nd Gen young leaders. But I realised that I don’t need to ‘’lead” them, I just need to support and give them ministry opportunities.

During this Ignite17 Conference, I was delighted to see young people take more ownership, display their capabilities, their creativity and show new ideas and initiative. I was encouraged to see how much they are wrestling with what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and also their cultural identity. We can see the 2nd Gen carrying our present and future. I have great faith in them.

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