Thla’s story

The first RAALS car loan recipient from Lautu-Chin Baptist was Mr. Thla’s family. This was two years ago.

Thla and his wife Lang have two daughters. Before having a car, they found it difficult to go to medical appointments, church and other social gatherings in the Chin community.

When Thla got a job, it became urgent for him to have a car to get to work. Rev Meewon Yang, a Multicultural minister of the BUV, told Thla about RAALS, and he applied for a car loan. The family was delighted that they could afford to buy a Toyota Camry. The car still runs well and has proved reliable for all their commuting needs.

Thala is paying back the loan through the finance his job provides and is grateful that this scheme enables newly arrived refugees to help themselves get established in Australia.