‘’See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.” (Isaiah 42:9)

Revitalise is a series of forums or workshops to inspire and engage your whole Church Congregation. Held over a series of four sessions (either four consecutive weeks or fortnightly) we undertake a process known as Appreciative Inquiry. A.I. is an approach to organisational change which focuses on strengths rather than weakness – quite different to evaluation which focus on deficits and problems.

Revitalise- Vision and Mission Forums advocate for collective inquiry into the best of what is, to imagine what could be, followed by design of a desired future. Engaging the whole Church ensures that everyone has a voice (not just the usual suspects; gatekeepers or key leaders) and so navigating change and sponsoring new initiatives does not require the use of incentives, coercion, or persuasion for planned change to occur.

A strength-based method generates momentum and sustainable change that fosters the church’s vision and mission. Values like hope, enthusiasm, inspiration, unity and joy increase creativity and an openness to new ideas. It also promotes the potential for stronger connections and relationships to grow, even between groups in conflict whilst focusing on a preferred future together.

The B.U.V. Mission Catalyst Team are available to assist your Church through this process. The most common model utilises a cycle of four processes, which focus on:

  1. DISCOVER – The identification of organisational processes that work well
  2. DREAM – The envisioning of processes that would work well in the future
  3. DESIGN – Planning and prioritising processes that work well
  4. DESTINY (or DEPLOY) – The implementation of the proposed design

We also engage the use of Scripture throughout the whole process and encourage a posture of gratitude throughout this time, incorporating reflection and action.

Problem Solving

1. “Felt Need,” identification of Problem

1. Appreciating & Valuing the Best of “What Is”

2. Analysis of Causes

2. Envisioning “What Might Be”

3. Analysis & Possible Solutions

3. Imagining “What Should Be”

4. Action Planning (Treatment)

4. Innovating ways to create that future

Basic Assumption: An Organisation is a Problem to be Solved

Basic Assumption: An Organisation is a Mystery to be Embraced


The process has been fantastic. As a relative new pastor being able to navigate vision and strategy for the future is something I resisted but God challenged me on a few things. Now I would say that every church must have a vision and a dream. And it must be about mission as well. The vision and mission forums have been “worth their weight in gold” because they have enabled all the members of the church to join in to imagining a “preferred future”. The second part of the process – members interviewing people within the congregation they didn’t know well and listen to their “journeys of faith” has also been insightful. My focus is now clear for taking the church on a journey to deepen relationships through all our ministries with the edge that we not only improve the “in” but also the “out”. – David Van Wynen, Pastor of Point Cook. 


Mosaic – Combined Northern Baptist Churches initiative. (From the Vision and Mission Forums).  Four churches have “partnered” to ensure the following:

We come together as local Baptist congregations. We each reflect our local community contexts, mission, and ministries; we differ in our strengths and limitations, our giftedness, and struggles; and we bring our uniqueness’s together for the purposes of the greater body of Christ and his Kingdom.

This group exists to find ways in which; challenges can be overcome, share our strengths and giftedness, to encourage and affirm our mission and ministries, to enhance the spiritual vitality of our communities, and to assist our churches to thrive individually and corporately.

We will do this by; building relationships between our congregations, by worshipping together, seeking opportunities to work together on common issues and challenges, by working collaboratively, rather than overlapping or competing on ministry opportunities.  

Our vision is to see our individual churches flourish, impacting our local communities with the message and presence of God’ Kingdom.


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