We work with churches through congregational discernment forums for missional revitalisation and design a future plan for the church.

Mission Revitalisation is a focus of the BUV Mission Catalyst Team.  Our Revitalise Vision and Mission Forums are based around a theology of “gratitude” – Gratitude for all that God has done in the local church in the past, His ongoing agency in the present, and, His assured activity into the future. The process involves congregational workshops that take both the pastoral leader and congregation through a Discovery, Dream, Design and Deploy cycle over a period of weeks. The responses are gathered from all the groups’ findings and help the leaders to facilitate the church into God’s preferred future. 


Revitalise is a series of forums or workshops to inspire and engage your whole Church Congregation. Held over a series of workshops we undertake a process known as Appreciative Inquiry. A strengthbased method generates momentum and sustainable change that fosters the church’s vision and mission.

 For more info: https://www.buv.com.au/revitalise

Community Portraits 

The community portrait is a tool designed to be utilised by churches or church leaders to better understand the needs of a local community to engage thoughtfully and effectively. It utilises several diagnostic tools to paint a portrait and to provide some insights that are foundational to the real work of ethnography, interviews, and prayerful discernment.  

 Enquire about Revitalise or the Community Portrait Tool:  Brett Mitchell, Church Planting Consultant | Brett.mitchell@buv.com.au  

Community Engagement Grants 

Baptcare’s Community Engagement program provides grants to Baptist Churches to support programs in their local community. Learn more