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  • Union Council

    The governing council of our BUV is called BUV Union Council.

    Members of Union Council are elected by the Members of Assembly of the Baptist Union, and normally serve a 3 year term.

    The Council is comprised of six elected independent, non-executive Council members as well as the Director of Ministries, Honorary Legal Advisor and Union Secretary. The Council members have a broad range of business, institutional and governance experience. They apply judgement and accountability standards to ensure that our work results in the greatest possible impact on constituent churches that we serve.

    The Council expects the organisation as a whole, every member, partner and employee, to conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards.

    The Council has adopted a formal Council Charter and a set of Council Policies which detail the Council’s role, powers, duties and functions. In addition to the matters required by law, the Council is responsible for:

    • Setting the strategic direction for the organisation, assessing progress towards strategic objectives and approving policies to work towards those objectives;
    • Recommending the appointment of the Director of Ministries to the Assembly;
    • Approving the remuneration and tracking performance of the Director of Ministries;
    • Approving the annual budget;
    • Considering and approving strategies and policies to ensure appropriate risk management;
    • Monitoring and receiving advice on areas of operational opportunities and financial risk;
    • Ensuring compliance with laws and policies; and
    • Appointing sub-committees to assist in effective governance.

    The Director of Ministries is responsible for operational management, with all powers, discretions and delegations authorised, from time to time, by the Council. The Council is responsible for regularly reviewing and ensuring that all necessary and appropriate delegations are in place to enable the Director of Ministries and Leadership Team to meet this responsibility.

    Union Council members:
    Jo-Anne Bradshaw (Chair) BA GradDipVET; MEd CAHRI

    Independent Human Resources Consultant with experience in management development, performance management, talent management, organisational culture and climate, and managing both learning and development and generalist HR functions
    Member of Crossway Baptist Church
    Council member since October 2012
    Special responsibilities: Member of Council Development Committee

    Rev Daniel Bullock Dip Theol, Adv Dip Min, B.Min, MA Church Leadership

    Director of Mission & Ministries of the Baptist Union of Victoria
    Senior Pastor at Essendon Baptist Church, Senior Associate Pastor at NewHope Baptist Church, Interim Pastor at Berwick Baptist Church
    Member of Essendon Baptist Church
    Council member since March 2012
    Special responsibilities: Member of Advisory Board, Member of Pastoral Leadership Selection Committee, Chair of Professional Standards Group.

    Rev Dr Allan Demond BA(hon), MDiv(hon), ThM, PhD

    Senior Pastor at NewHope Baptist Church and the Executive Director of NewHope Community Care, former Pastor Highfield Baptist Church (eastern Canada), former Educator at Crandall University (eastern Canada)
    Past President of the Baptist Union of Victoria
    Member of NewHope Baptist Church (since 1995)
    Council member from 2001 to 2004 and since October 2013
    Special responsibilities: member of Nominations Committee, Adjunct Faculty Member of Whitley College, conference speaker and, freelance strategy/governance consultant

    Mr Paul Inglis B.Ec (Hons), MAICD

    Bank Executive
    Over thirty years’ experience in the banking industry in payments and economics; five years in government service, including Federal Treasury
    Member of Now and Not Yet Community, and Board Member of Now and Not Yet Inc.
    Council member since October 2007
    Special responsibilities: Chairman of Audit & Risk Committee

    Mr Jame Lewis LL.B., BCom

    Jame holds degrees in law and commerce from the University of Melbourne. He has been a lawyer for more than 32 years with experience in all areas of business law. He has been on numerous Boards and Committees for the last 36 years including Chair of an NGO for more than 10 years. He has been on the Baptist Union of Victoria Council as their Honorary Legal Advisor since October 2014. He now operates a legal practice Lewis Counsel and works mainly in the area of governance including advice and conducting training for Boards of Christian agencies mainly in Australia, Africa and Asia.

    Mr Ian Southwood B.Com, B.Com (Hons), MBA, M.Com, CPA

    Director of Finance & Administration and Secretary of the Baptist Union of Victoria
    More than 15 years financial management experience. Former Head of Finance at World Vision Australia
    Member of NewHope Baptist Church
    Council member since December 2010
    Special responsibilities: Member of Constitutional Review Committee. Ex Officio member of Advisory Board
    Other boards (current): Board member of Surrey Hills Baptist Children’s Centre, Board member of International Needs Ltd, Board member of IN Network Australia Inc.

    Fiona Margaret Hall

    Fiona is the Director of Strategic Relationships at Empart Australia. She also plays an active role in the Crossway Alpha team and was previously the National Training Coordinator for Alpha Australia. Furthermore, Fiona is the Chaplain for the Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union Team. Fiona trained as an accountant with Ernst & Young in London. She has also held roles as an event and customer services manager and as a Youth Pastor.

    Mr Darryl Kilker

    Daryl KilkerSenior Pastor, Pakenham Baptist Church since 2008. Prison Fellowship, 1980-1991. Attended Ouachita Baptist University, USA. Pastoring various Baptist churches since 1982. Led short mission trips to Mexico and Philippians. Partnered in three church plants. Member of various committees: local government, school and small college boards. Eternal Gold 2000 Olympic Outreach Committee. Special responsibilities: member of Audit and Risk Committee. Darryl has served on Union Council since 2014.

    Mark Browning EMBA:

    Over twenty five years experience in the banking industry.
    Current Member of Syndal Baptist Church since 2004, including a 6 year appointment on Council as Treasurer.
    Previous member of Frankston Forest Baptist Church and Sale Baptist Church. Previous Treasurer at Frankston Forest Baptist Church. Served on Audit and Risk of the BUV 2011 to June 2016. Completed an Executive MBA. Employed with National Australia Bank for 25+ years.

    No fees are paid for serving as a Council member.

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