22nd June 2023

Creation Care

Today we focus on caring for God’s good creation. God created humankind in God’s image and entrusted creation into our care. Recent generations have not appreciated the fragility of creation. Rather than serving and keeping creation, we have exploited and despoiled it. Creation is groaning, crying out to God. Let’s rediscover creation care in the Bible and walk more lightly on God’s good earth. Remember: The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.  Everything and everyone matters to God!


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Take Action

Rediscover creation care in the Bible (Various bible studies and devotions in the resource section are available below).

Care for creation in our everyday lives. Assess the following:

  • Toilet paper. Is it produced locally in Victoria from 100% recycled fibre?
  • Eating and drinking. Do we use durable cups and plates, avoiding disposables and plastics even when inconvenient?
  • Electricity. Have we changed to green power and energy-efficient lighting and heating? Do we turn down and switch off? Learn more about electricity providers and creation care: https://greenelectricityguide.org.au/
  • If you want to delve further into advocacy for this topic, check out the What We’re Asking section for this theme in the Justice 2021

Restore kingdom ethics to discipleship. Reflect on lifestyle and other decisions in the light of the Gospel. What social and ecological consequences do our personal and collective actions have for God’s good creation and other peoples? Read ‘Connecting the Dots: Our Lifestyles, Their Lives’ article by Deborah Storie.

Useful Resources

Baptist World Aid

Tearfund Australia 

Manna Gum

Manna Gum is an independent non-profit organisation which seeks to:

  • Help Christians reclaim and practise Biblical teaching on material life; and
  • Promote understanding of the ways our economic lives impact upon ourselves, others and the earth

Check out Manna Gum’s website which has many resources and stories of people making a difference in their local communities.

Actions to Combat Climate Change for churches and individuals
Download the resource document for churches and individuals

 Environmental Audit For Churches
Download the resource document for churches

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