1st June 2023

Global Poverty

Poverty denies choices and opportunities to those experiencing its injustice. Poverty keeps people from God’s best and His desire for them to flourish. It takes away from those made in God’s image and denies them agency, dignity and rights that God always intended for them. This section explores global poverty, why it should matter to us, and what we can do about it. Remember, we become more like Jesus when we join Him in working toward a fair world for all people, regardless of economic, cultural or social status, when we reflect His justice and grace to all.


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Take Action

You can respond immediately to the injustice of Global Poverty:

  • Sponsor a child through Baptist World Aid Australia, or
  • Check out Resources on this page where you’ll find a link to Baptist World Aid Australia or contact Paul at paul.manning@baptistworldaid.org.au
  • If you want to delve further into advocacy for this topic, check out the What We’re Asking section for this theme in the Justice 2021

Useful Resources

Sponsoring A Child through Baptist World Aid
Ethical Consumer Report
Ethical Fashion Guide
What Is Poverty?
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) App

Additional Reading




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Thacker, Justin. Global Poverty A Theological Guide (London: SCM Press, 2017)

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