3rd August 2021

A Mother Figure to a Community

“You are just Mrs. Olivine, aren’t you?!” 

What is it to be a Mum? I have discovered since beginning my role here at Olivine as a Placemaker, that my calling as a mother to three biological children has been extended and stretched to become somewhat of a mother to this new community. As it continues to give birth to new residents, some of my roles as a Placemaker involves nurturing, caring for others and investing time and effort in helping people in their day to day. 

During lockdown 5.0, I worked with a number of young mums through our Little Gumnuts’ Playgroup, a safe space where they could reach out to one another for advice with some of the issues that they were currently facing. 

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities to make a difference, whether that’s in greeting new residents, connecting like-minded people with each other, starting new endeavours to see our community flourish, seeing needs met or praying for ‘Shalom – Peace’ over our neighbourhood.  

My deepest heart’s desire and prayer is to see God’s Kingdom manifest in the lives of the Olivine residents and our neighbourhood, just as I have prayed for my own children over the years. 

As I look back over the past year, I am incredibly thankful to God for the privileged position I have as a Placemaker. In my role I have strong connections with the developer ‘Mirvac’, with our LGA ‘Whittlesea Council’, our Olivine ‘Shared Cup Café’, our ‘Donnybrook Church Community’ and many other bodies who seek to development strong communities in new housing estates.  

I am always meeting new people and hearing their stories. What a joy! 

I have been involved in so many new things over the past year with so many people that my heart overflows with thankfulness.  

Here are some of the highlights:  

  • Relationships formed through our Little Gumnuts’ Playgroup and new mums groups 
  • 100 residents gather at the park near our house for our Easter Egg Hunt & Hot Cross Bun morning tea 
  • The ‘Colour Run Event’ for ‘Holi’ which formed valuable connections with our Indian residents 
  • Launch of ‘Auskick’ and ‘NetSetGo’ 
  • Distributing around 100 Welcome Packs to new residents and hearing their stories 
  • And so much more! 

Placemaking is my job and my ministry, but anyone can do it, in large or smaller ways! 


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