2nd June 2020

Bushfire relief efforts – Better Together

Thanks to the generosity of our Baptist Family, we are supporting our pastors and volunteers with bushfire recovery efforts through COVID-19 restrictions.

East Gippsland
As part of the BUV Bushfire Recovery strategy, a partnership was formed between the BUV Hub, NewHope Baptist Church and Lakes Entrance Baptist Church. This allowed Lakes Entrance Baptist Church to immediately get local church member, William Florance, on the ground to assist those who had been affected by the fires. This ongoing partnership has allowed William to continue in the role where, months after the fires, he is still meeting people who are very much at ‘first base’ in the process of recovery. Add COVID-19 to this and the result is that many people are struggling with layers of trauma and complexity. Once again, thanks to the generosity of our Baptist Family, we are able to be in this for the long haul and to be able to continue supporting the pastors and volunteers who are out working with those who continue to be impacted by the events of the last few months. Here’s a video interview with William by Katrina Lambert (from NewHope BC)

The team at Corryong Baptist Church have also been working hard to help rebuild communities affected by the bushfires. They put together vouchers packs that not only helped people in need but also local businesses, which had been dramatically impacted. With the recent change of season, the team worked closely with the community to subsidise many local farmers with seeds to be planted before the weather turned too cold. Over 40 farmers have been helped with this seed subsidy and below are some thank you cards we’ve received in appreciation.

Our bushfire relief efforts are better together, thanks to your support!

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